Knock me down with a feather.

Well,  first. Let me explain. Yesterday V went to Kiev to observe some weekly evangelism a group does with addicts, and while there, he did some heavy shopping– we’re trying to take advantage of our money at this time when we don’t have to pay rent and the exchange rate is so favorable to the dollar.

So he bought the rehab center their own washing machine. It’s not too hard to share with them, but them having their own will just be handier for all of us– especially them.

We also bought a stand-up freezer. We’ve thought of getting one for our 10 years of marriage, and … now we have one ;)  I like freezing the berries of summer, and I’ve been stuffing our current freezer with foods for after the baby’s born … I’d also like to move now to monthly big shopping (instead of weekly), so having room to store meats and stuff longer-term will be good for that.

IMG_3508 IMG_3509

Then, after 10 years of marriage, he bought me a wall clock in the style that I love. He doesn’t love or understand the existence of this style, and this is, I think, the first time something like this has happened in our marriage!

IMG_3507 IMG_3510

Meanwhile, the war with Russia rages on …


educating myself


So I’m gearing up to home school mode, to start full time again Monday. And I think I want to keep myself studying/learning, too. So I’m using these two books as my “textbooks.” One is about home schooling– I’d like to develop this area more, a lot more. And the other is all. about. housekeeping., in which I am also developing.

So lovely to have this opportunity! I’m really enjoying it, and since it’s what God is bringing about in my life, I’m interested to see what fruit comes of it all.

I’ve been reading Ezra and Nehemiah, and impressed with the amount of organization and delegation and devoted work they did when rebuilding Jerusalem and reorienting everyone in the ways of the Lord. … Thinking I need to follow their examples :)

From The Pregnancy Book by Wm and Martha Sears– a wonderful, all-around book for pregnancy, I might add:

In the chapter “The Ninth Month:”

Experiencing new pelvic pressures. As your baby descends into your pelvic cavity, you may find yourself prone to sharp, stabbing pains … in the middle of your pelvic bone, making it uncomfortable to walk. p.339

And the whole paragraph continues about such pains. And the low-down, frontal pressure– described exactly!

Thank you.  What I’m experiencing is normal. … Isn’t it funny that even the fourth time, I still wonder, worry and experience things differently? Or I just forget each time?

I think the baby dropped last Saturday night, too. My belly is lower.

Today we went to a private clinic and for about $13, got general blood and urine analyses done. They sent the results by email already. Everything lookin’ good.

Been listening to the baby’s heartbeat with the fetoscope and that is enjoyable :) I hear the placenta, too!

I may go back to the local doctor and have her palpate if the baby is head down, as she was very gentle and experienced. I think baby is head down with his/her back to my right side.

Getting a lot of low down pressure when active. V tells me to sit or lay down a lot, so it’s nice to have that option even though I don’t always take it.

I like having this heavy, very pregnant, slow down time at the end here because I feel like the family is growing into helping with a lot more– like I am ready to let them help a lot more instead of doing it all myself (not that I did it all myself, I just prefer doing things myself so it’s done how I like it … but i’m learning to be patient and teach the girls how to do things correctly.) They are actually really great about working!

well, we’re pretty much done. Just a couple more details for now.

I had a catastrophic few moments because I didn’t like the paint job at. all. But I have recovered. And repainting at least the ceiling helped.

So since then, we’ve rearranged all the furniture per Vitaliy’s ideas, and it’s really nice. Today we finally bought window shades …

The room in now divided in half by bookshelves:


the girls’ half, already changed up b/c they’re home today :)


Our side– we still need a bed frame and decide how we want to cover the closet and paint the gruba–the gray wall behind our heads


the girls’ shades


the back door– herbs :)


living room …


I’m happy :)

this was the morning start– To do: net and priming around the ceiling-wall connection, priming along the wooden beams, second coat on the gruba.


Second coat started on gruba:


Wooden beams started


I put the frozen vareniki from yesterday in a bag for storage


Later I made nalistniki–crepes with meat/fried onion inside–and put some into the freezer– I’m trying to do extra this week while the girls are gone– it’s a lot easier with 2 less mouths to feed :)



This is the second coat on the gruba drying


A wall– gray patches are where the primer was put to fill in holes


wooden beams along the ceiling– left one is still just netted, right one is coated with primer


Vitaliy thinks we can start painting tomorrow. Friday too. Then Saturday is a workday for the rehab center–some men will come from our church in Kiev to help out. They’re laying the foundation for the veranda around the front of the building.

Oh, in order to clear out the bedroom, we put everything in the kitchen. It’s actually pretty handy because we still have access to everything we need.

From this chair at the computer desk where I’m sitting, here are shots of the room from right to left.





Today’s work was something like priming the walls. Just Vitaliy and Igor worked in the bedroom–I made vareniki. Igor first did the third window frame, while V scrubbed off the white, chalky coating from the gruba (brick/clay heating wall) down to the clay, put net on it, and then slathered it with the primer stuff. I want to say spackle, but I’m not sure it’s exactly that. They filled in the holes in the walls and around the bottom of the room. And across the ceiling are two wooden beams– they put net over those and started covering them.

Tomorrow, more of the same. More coating on the gruba, finishing the wooden beams. Then Th or Fri we’ll begin painting.

Here you see the side of the gruba (the white with net over it) and the front face/long part of the wall already plastered up with the grey stuff.


I made extra vareniki to freeze for after birth food <3



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