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God provides

The God who provided for George Muller is still alive and well.

We are having a stretching time financially, what with buying a house and me starting/being in midwifery school, and some other very particular things that have happened, and not to mention our growing ministry and living needs, and God has supplied so faithfully each and every day. Money comes from unplanned sources, etc.

He provides. He loves to provide. It is His nature. And He does it for me and for you.


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stress and Moses

When I think of stress, I think of Moses leading the Israelits. Talk about stress. And he didn’t have any psychologists or cappuchinos! But he had what we all need–God.

I was thinking of stress this evening as I was driving. I feel stressed. Did you know that currently, if you are in a car accident in Ukraine (in Kiev, at least), the guilty party will have their car impounded until court and the car owner (of course) has to pay for the impounding time. That’s a lot of driving stress.

Some stressful situations are going on in our church, about four different situations. That’s stressful.

I’m working too fast on my midwifery course (by my own choice), and that’s stressful.

Tension and stress.

But you know what. I will not run away to America (where there is also stress, who are we kidding), hide somehow, or do immature things to escape responsibility. I will be an adult with lots of responsibilities and stand in the strength and peace that God has ever-waiting for me.

So my brow softens and my muscles loosen up . . . when I think that God is with me. My life will become harder and more complex, but I will live in the peace God gives.

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adopting Paul

We have happy news about Paul! We learned this week that he is being adopted by an American family. That is about all we know. It’s a huge answer to prayer! He also is walking now, we were told.

So I’m glad this adoption story has a happy ending. I had often thought that maybe someone else could adopt him, too, but it just seemed so unthinkable–like how would anyone even know about his existence? But the Lord has done it!

I don’t know if we will ever know what kind of family is adopting him; we hope they are believers. But again, this is the answer to many prayers, and not only ours! One little girl here in Kiev has been praying nightly for him for years.

About our own adoption path, now that this pressure is off, I am ready to wait a bit and see how things go. We were back at our regional adoption office, and even though we now own a house, the lady still does not want to approve us as adoptive parents b/c I am a foreigner.

So we’ll see what the Lord wants!

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