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For midwifery studies, I need to have 2 specialties–two areas outside of but related to midwifery that I am fairly “expert” on. It’s been interesting–I used to wonder/worry/puzzle about what my specialties would be. It seemed a huge thing.

But it’s been so neat to see how my specialties have just organically grown out of my personal interests. Oxytocin is one specialty, and I have so enjoyed and been helped by studying how hormones affect our feelings, behaviors, and bodily operations. It’s been a wonderful way I’ve grown as a person.

My second specialty is becoming Attachment Parenting, or for those who have a lot of weird associations with that term, you could say Promoting Secure Bonds between parents and their children.

I’ve already packed up my notebook from the 2.5-day training I just attended, to become a parent educator. But the gist of AP is:

API promotes parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. – here

We’re coming from a few decades of somewhat adversarial parenting styles, and I started parenting with these imbibed attitudes and some of the practices. It’s been a long journey of unlearning and relearning. It was nice to hear from others during this training who’ve been in the journey, too.

I don’t think AP or oxytocin will save the world, though there are those in both these areas who believe this. Our sin problems are so much deeper than hormones or relationships. But knowing about these things has drawn me closer to God and understanding His heart towards us.



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