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I know that not all marriages age with sweetness, but many do, and how thankful I am to have these examples in my life.

The last few months I’ve noticed a much deeper level of trust and peace toward Vitaliy in areas I questioned and struggled before.

I was reminded of this yesterday. I’ve been asked to help an orphan in the warring part of Ukraine. And of course I’m all ready to do this great thing after 2 minutes…. This is not the first time I’ve been asked such a thing, and not the first time I’m ready to jump at it.

But Vitaliy doesn’t respond to these needs in way I do. … And I’m realizing that I can trust myself to him in this, too, and not question if he cares.

Of course he cares. He cares about many things, one of the first of which is me. And the many things going on in our lives. He cares about orphans, too, in a big-picture way.

And it helps me realize there are many ways to help orphans that do not require that I take all responsibility upon myself. There are resources, other Christians who want to help, etc.

… So I was thinking yesterday how pleasant it is to have grown to a deeper level of trust toward Vitaliy in issues that touch me deeply. To ask him different questions in working through these needs.


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Yesterday, I was flipping through my journal, and I came across how I had read this verse from I Peter on Feb 4 of this year. And I had meditated on this, how it works out in my life, in the many mundane responsibilities that fill my day, and prayed over it.

What does obeying Jesus Christ look like for me? And how, in that, do I experience “grace and peace…in fullest measure”? Lord, I need a vision [of this]. … Teach me how grace and peace is and can be mine in fullest measure.

I love that word fullest. Not some measure or half measure, but the very fullest measure.

We leave for Ukraine today. And I feel neither here nor there about it. I’m glad. I’m happy we’re returning, but it’s not a wild happiness, just an I’m-good-with-this happiness. And I don’t wish to remain here, though I don’t have aversion to that either.

Kind of a nice place to be. No big feelings necessary to create energy. Just … ready for my measure to be filled with grace and peace.

And He fills it.

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For midwifery studies, I need to have 2 specialties–two areas outside of but related to midwifery that I am fairly “expert” on. It’s been interesting–I used to wonder/worry/puzzle about what my specialties would be. It seemed a huge thing.

But it’s been so neat to see how my specialties have just organically grown out of my personal interests. Oxytocin is one specialty, and I have so enjoyed and been helped by studying how hormones affect our feelings, behaviors, and bodily operations. It’s been a wonderful way I’ve grown as a person.

My second specialty is becoming Attachment Parenting, or for those who have a lot of weird associations with that term, you could say Promoting Secure Bonds between parents and their children.

I’ve already packed up my notebook from the 2.5-day training I just attended, to become a parent educator. But the gist of AP is:

API promotes parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. – here

We’re coming from a few decades of somewhat adversarial parenting styles, and I started parenting with these imbibed attitudes and some of the practices. It’s been a long journey of unlearning and relearning. It was nice to hear from others during this training who’ve been in the journey, too.

I don’t think AP or oxytocin will save the world, though there are those in both these areas who believe this. Our sin problems are so much deeper than hormones or relationships. But knowing about these things has drawn me closer to God and understanding His heart towards us.


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Skyla made the sign behind us; it reads “Happy Moms Day”


the girls love Monopoly, so they are playing now with Vitaliy

IMG_2441 IMG_2442 IMG_2443

This me with week 24 baby–he has brain waves! We talked about names last night when Vitaliy took me out. We’re thinking Una for a girl, maybe Una Charity. And we both have no idea for boy names, though V is sure it’s a boy.  🙂

IMG_2445 IMG_2446


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I’m kind of nervous about group cooking (and cooking in general), however, I also think it’s important to invest in community, and cooking is a way to do that. So I signed up to bring breakfast to Sunday School tomorrow, and I want to make it something special. And It’s Mother’s Day.

So I asked for ideas on a forum I’m on, and a lady gave me a recipe for spinach strata that she makes for her class, and I found a gluten-free muffin recipe that is very simple.

The muffins are done, and the spinach strata is in the frig overnight to be cooked tomorrow morning. Here are photos:

Sausage and spinach/onion mix:


bread cubes


layering the spinach strata


sits overnight, cooks tomorrow morning:


gluten-free muffins made with almond butter–fabulous, and they might not make it until tomorrow 🙂 Only 5 are left I think.

IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2426 IMG_2427 IMG_2430

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week 23!


I think baby is transverse, so I’m holding him so.

Here’s the progress report– My uterus is up to my bellybutton–a little less than what is the norm, but I think baby is transverse so I’m longer than higher.

And I started feeling even more movements during the days, especially.


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One ministry of the Spirit is helping us realize our need for comfort.

Because we tend to feel sad or overwhelmed, and rightly so, and look to so many other things to assuage that grief.

So as I watch the events unfolding in Ukraine, some days it’s just whatever, other days it’s crying hard–and that’s usually when people died.

I read today these words in Zechariah 1:

And the Lord answered the angel who was speaking with me with gracious words, comforting words.

And I thought, I need words like that from You, Lord, too.

And it might not sound like what I think, but may I hear and know Your comfort when you minister it to me.

And I thought about this pregnancy and baby that bomples around inside me … and I thought, what a comfort this baby is to me, to be pregnant during this violent, uncertain, specter-ish time. To have the joy of life.

To watch my kids, and see God comforting me through their childishness, their simplicity, their easy ways of expressing their needs to receive and give love and affection.

I can’t yet puzzle out all the prophetic significance of what’s going on in Ukraine, but receiving comfort–that is something I can grasp. And trusting simply that God has great, eternal purposes working out in all these events, each day. That His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness reaches to the clouds….

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