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So, for my 40th birthday party … Which was wonderful ….


I prepared a brief testimony of main things God had done in each decade of my life. I would like to record those thoughts here.

Birth to 10: I had a normal, happy childhood. And for this, I am very, very grateful. (Wonderful parents, loving friends and family.)

Annie & pets

From 11 to 20: During this period,

  • I came into saving faith,
  • I was in a terrible car accident that became one of the greatest blessings of my life,
  • and I grew in a great church (a church that wasn’t on a “kick” or fad or emphasizing one right way to do secondary things, but taught us the basic Christian disciplines of regular Bible reading and prayer and evangelism. (This is our sending church.)

From 21 to 30, God led me into the two most life-shaping decisions of my life:

  • I moved to Ukraine as a missionary (at last!)
  • I met and married Vitaliy.


From 31 to 40, the Lord gave me:

  • Our wonderful church, Light of Life, from which we serve in Ukraine,
  • and my four amazing disciples.


Thank You, Lord.


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And I’ve moved down into the next “decade” of weight– 149 lbs! (The ticker should read”14 lbs to go.”}

I had to speak to a group yesterday evening, so before that, I thought, oh, I’ll get a manicure to reward myself for losing weight (all these diet books say to reward oneself). So I asked at the manicure place in the mall, but they were busy just then.

But, funny thing, as much as I’ve written “manicure” on my ideas for losing-weight rewards, I really … don’t want one. It’s one of those things I feel like I should want. …. But I don’t.

(It’s like taking a hot bath to relax. Every single book for women, when talking about doing something refreshing for oneself, using taking a hot bath as an example. So of course I tried it, several times. Then I realized how much I really hate them. After one minute, I’m terribly hot, uncomfortable, and want to get out. But I did force myself, in the beginning, to stay in and “enjoy” it. Now I realize that it’s not my thing…)

So I started analyzing why I don’t really want a manicure.

  1. I don’t want to use my free time getting my nails done.
  2. I find nail polish and my own nails painted extremely distracting (and that’s a lot of distraction because I use my hands a lot).
  3. I wash dishes and my hands so much, it just starts to peel after a day or two anyway, and that bugs me a lot.

I’m so glad I’ve freed myself from this.

So, I stopped at the booths of handmade things that individuals sell in our mall on the weekends, and bought myself a gorgeous winter set–hat, snood, gloves. I love them.




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My Body Mass Index (BMI):

Last October, 2014, I moved from “obese” category into “overweight.” I blogged about that here.

Now, a little over a year later, I’ve moved from “overweight” into “normal”!

Let’s dance a little jig in celebration 🙂

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I’m actually not going to talk about this a  lot. Just a few photos. My 40th birthday is in late December. I’ve been trying to get down to a good weight.

Here is me last October, 2014:

October, 2014

Here I am, in June or July, 2015:


And here is me two weeks ago:


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One thing I like about dieting, or jus changing how I eat, is that I like getting the hungry feeling (then going to eat). I never got hungry before really because I just always was eating.

I like food now, in a different way, but in a good way. As an answer to hungriness. Here are some photos of food:

Homemade yogurt with strawberries (eating tons of strawberries right now!)

IMG_6790 IMG_6792 IMG_6793

And an awesome salad– pumpkin seeds, tuna fish, egg, avocado…


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