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me, Vika, Skyla, Danya

me, Vika, Skyla, Danya

For Skyla’s birthday, we took Danya (orange shirt), their bosom (and only) buddy from church, with us to the Kiev zoo.

I will insert here that when Skyla and Danya are together, it’s best that they be in   W  I  D  E,    O      P      E      N         S         P        A         C         E      S.    They are just that kind of electric playmates when they get together. The great outdoors is great for them.  

The Kiev zoo is always a big hit. This is us inside the petting zoo. Vika’s eyebrows are pink because she applied the eyeshadow Skyla got from Danya(‘s mommy) here. She has also already painted her and my nails with the pink nail polish Skyla also got from Danya(‘s mommy).

This is the crew at the zoo entrance:



 We bought Skyla a hamster for her birthday, which I can’t photograph now because he has already escaped from his cage–which is actually our old bird cage from when we had two parakeets. He is small and dark. Skyla keeps rethinking his name–Mamechok, manka, etc.–all Russian or variations of Russian words.

Anyway, we all had a great birthday.

One special thing about my girl Skyla: she and her daddy are two peas in a pod when it comes to being the adrenaline junkies of our family! They love challenges, risks, and athletic activities. They will be best buds when it comes to sporty stuff. She has been this way since birth. Vika and I don’t like even a drop of adrenaline releasing into our blood streams, so we’ll sit inside sipping cappuchino and reading our books, thank you.

I will also add that I love Skyla’s infectious laughter. She is so much fun to play with! She always has ideas of what to do and loves a joke.

Happy birthday, Skyla! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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Poke around on this site for a while, mommies. Here, for example, is a great post on servanthood and the possible inner, spiritual transformation we can anticipate as new mommies.

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i don’t know if i can even communicate all the details.

Notary opened at 8am, so about that time, we were there with the kids. I waited in the car with the kids while Vitaliy went in and got in line–he was number 5 already. He came back out and we ate some melon for breakfast, then we went inside again.

Waiting, Vitaliy goes to the ЖЕК and learns that he needs to come back after 2pm.

Waiting, girls play, cry, play, etc.

Finally we get in. The man is irritated with life, with the kids, etc. I think he has an irritating job.

We figure out what we need to write–it’s a legal statement that both Vitaliy and I have to sign saying that we want immigration stamps in our kids’ passports. I have to call the P.D. lady (the second floor one) to ask to whom he should legally address the document.

We leave temporarily. Vitaliy goes to pay the reciept for the document. I go home with the kids. It’s about 10am.

Vitaliy goes back to get the final document.

Then he comes to the door–I need to go with him to sign the document in the man’s presence.

So, Skyla wants to stay home and watch a cartoon, and Vika wants to be with mommy. So Vika and I go back with Vitaliy.

The man asks us to check the document, which we don’t really do, then we sign it, and he starts writing in his big ledger book. Then he himself notices a mistake on the document–they accidently wrote the same birthday (Vika’s) for both girls.

He starts getting mad, asking Vitaliy what level of education he has, that we will have to pay again for another form and pay for the ruined one. I walk out with Vika. Vitaliy calmly says, “why are you yelling at me? I’m not yelling at you.” And he just gets another reciept to pay for another form.

I sit again in the hallway with Vika to wait for V to pay the receipt at the bank again, come back, and then we can redo it.

When he comes back, the man is actually apologetic and really nice, so that was nice. We checked (really) the document again, then he printed it on the legal paper (again), and we signed it again and so did he, and he said he’d pay from his pocket the 7 greeven (app. .90 cents) it costs to return the ruined one to the government, but Vitaliy offers to pay for that, too, and he pays some of it with the little bills he has in his pocket. It’s after 12pm when we leave.

Wow. One more document in our grubby paws.

Vitaliy goes to the ЖЕК at 2pm, but the line is so long, he decides to go back an hour before closing, so he just walked out the door. There’s about 3-4 docs we need to get from them. They also work on Friday, and I get the idea that he’ll be going back then, too.

Vitaliy says he’s not really excited about having to do all this for Paul’s adoption. I said he could consider it ministry 😀 Imagine, some people do this all their lives as their job!

Anyway, progress, we hope! The last lady who takes all the docs will be the acid test if we will need to redo stuff or get more.

Thank You, Lord.

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vacation insight

one thing I loved about this week of vacation was just spending so much time focusing on the girls. they loved it; I loved it.

well, i didn’t love every minute of it–like not being able to sit for 30 seconds undisturbed in my new folding lounge chair. But in general, vacation is a great time to focus on kids and just being with them.


Ross Campbell, in his book Relational Parenting, mentions continually how important it is to keep your child’s emotional tank full of unconditional love. None of us can uncontitionally love perfectly, but there are lots of things we can do as parents to communicate unconditional love to our precious babies.

Now that I’m back home, I’m seeing that I need to keep that child-focus and probably need to change some of my habits. My home, cooking, computer, errands, etc., can be very distracting from one of the most important jobs God’s given me right now–being with my kids.

Oh, it really helped me to buy things for vacation that both I and the girls liked to do. This time, it was wooden 9-piece puzzles. they loved them! and i didn’t mind doing them over and over and over and over and over . . . and over again. I also got a Russian kids’ magazine that Skyla really liked and she had me make up stories for all the pages.

Need to think through how I can order my time now to make more time for focusing on the girls and not just being distracted by the things i want/need to accomplish. They are what I need to accomplish!

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documents, documents, documents . . . .

today the girls and i got in the van and 1) went back to the Passport Desk to get my little paper that i don’t have a criminal record in Ukraine. While doing this, I noticed several mistakes on the form that we typed out with this lady the last time i went–for over an hour. I later showed it to Vitaliy, and he says we should have it re-done. That means going back to get the reciept to pay, paying the reciept (the cost of having the form done) at the bank, then going back to P.D. to get it all re-typed.

2) Next we went downtown to the translation company. Got the translations of the two docs with apostilles and the kids’ passport face pages.

3) Then we went to the Notary at 12pm. He closed at 1pm for lunch, and with the line, we figured we wouldn’t make it in. So we went back at 2pm, and the guy came out once and said he does foreigner stuff on Wed and Fri.

So we go back again tomorrow–he opens at 8am. Then tomorrow we also go to the ЖЕК to get a ton of docs needed for both the immigration and the visa registration which ends Aug 15.

Yippe skippee!!!

or should i say, Yippee. Skippee.


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I liked this post about the parent-child (esp. mother-child) relationship. It’s so important who we read and believe and who shapes our views of mothering and fathering. Be a Berean about this, be diligent and actively pursue knowledge and truth.

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We were wanting to spend a week in Crimea this summer, so we suddenly fit this into our summer schedule this last week. I will blog more soon with photos!

Great posts by TulipGirl about parenting and G.E.’s method.

I am currently (re)reading Relational Parenting by Ross Campbell, and it’s fabulous. 


Hope to blog about it soon, too!

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