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I’m currently reading Anthony Norris Groves: Saint and Pioneer by Lang. I find Groves’ life deeply challenging and inspiring. I would like to do a little series here about Groves, and not just biographical information, but specific ways his life is touching mine and encouraging my faith.


I will give a few factual tidbits here:

  • He influenced George Muller (later his brother-in-law)  to live “by faith,” asking only of God not of men. He thereby also influenced the development of the later Hudson Taylor.
  • He gave up a nice lifestyle to live “by faith” and go as a missionary to Iraq and later India.
  • “The significance of Groves lies in his desire to simplify the task of churches and missions by returning to the methods of Christ and his apostles described in the New Testament. As a missionary, his goal was to help indigenous converts form their own churches without dependence on foreign training, authorisation or finance. His ideas eventually found wide acceptance in evangelical circles.” (wiki)
  • He wrote a booklet called Christian Devotedness, in which he examines Christ’s teaching about the non-accumulation of wealth and forwarding evangelism.
  • He was influential in the beginning of the Brethren movement.

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