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Anne Sokol  CCE, CD

I think that means Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Doula. (Plug for charischildbirth.org–spend some time on their website).

I was thinking about all this because I’m filling out the Christian Midwives International application for their annual missions project. I had to list my “designations.” (Plug for them also: christianmidwives.org)

I’m applying for monies to help complete the translation of Jennifer Vanderlaan’s childbirth books. (Plug for her amazing birth site: birthingnaturally.net)

Wow. Childbirth has lovely people involved in it! I can’t believe I actually know all these people!


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the princesses

A month ago, we went on a week of family vacation: that means: the grandparents, my sister’s family of four, my brother’s family of four, my other brother’s family of three, and our family of four. All the cousins had a blast, and the adults had a pretty good time, too.

We celebrated Christmas one day (Christmas in March), and the girls were given a bunch of fairy and princess dress-up clothes. They are still a big hit.

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our current prayer cards

In English, and we’ve met a bunch of Ukrainians, so we did it in Ukrainian, too.

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me & the girls

Here’s a photo. This is the second car we drove here; now we’re on our third, I think. John Ramsey is a wonderful man. He provides cars for us like he’s taking care of himself.

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moolah experiment

Vitaliy and I are doing an experiment about trying to save as much money as we really can (without going crazy), and he’s really helping me adjust to not relying on certain money-spending activities I am used to.

Like going out for a coffee so I can sit for a few hours and read almost every day. In Ukraine, this costs about $1-$2, which still adds up, but here it costs $4-$8. So instead of going out, he has me go upstairs with my books and tea and he’ll guard the stairway so the girls don’t come and talk to me for a while, and I read my Bible, write letters, etc.

It’s great for family time, too. We went down to Coolidge Park that has water fountains that kids play in and dinged around there and only spent $1.75 on parking.

It’s working. We’re trying to cut corners in other ways, too. Like we went to the indoor flea market where they sell outdated foods, and bought stuff there. And he shows me other little ways to save here and there. God is helping us because  a man at the church we were at last night gave us a bunch of free meals at his fast food restaurant, and my friend gave us a gift card for gas.

Anyway, we’re trying this for a while to see if we can handle it emotionally (ok, that’s me; it’s like N.O. buying out almost entirely), and I’m actually enjoying it, like seeing how things I wanted I once filled by spending money, now filling them some other way that doesn’t require spending money.

It’s very stretching 🙂

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I really  want to post, and I have so much to post about, but it’s killing me. we only have one computer here, i’m gone a lot, and when I’m here i don’t have time to get around to it.

Will try try try to get some photos and news on here soon!

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well, i’m not exactly overwhelmed . . . just sort of. But in a good way.

i’m trying to cram so much into our time here!

today i sent Vitaliy off on a day trip to WV, took the kids to my sister’s, stopped by an LLL breastfeeding meeting, then got home in time to be picked up and taken to an IV class in a Mennonite home. We had four Mennonite women and four English women together for a neat time of teaching and learning IV technique and venipuncture. Shoot, it is hard! Those veins just wiggle around! So the inside-elbow is the easiest.

We’re getting together again in May for another ‘stab’ at puncturing veins. I need practice . . . heh, heh . . .

Then the four of us English birth freaks went out for dinner. I’m telling you, this is what I miss in Ukraine is birth talk. We had a blast and talked about unmentionable-in-normal-society things for the whole time.

Then Michelle and I made it to the tail end of MOMs-at-Panera night. That was fun.

Vitaliy is doing so well this trip. He is witnessing to people, looking into the items our church in  Kiev asked him to purchase (mikes, projector, trampoline), and is generally very happy. Other trips here have been more stressful because he’s not quite sure what to do with himself. Check out his blog to pray for his evangelism opportunites: www.evangelisminukraine.wordpress.com

I’m trying to decide if i should attend Midwifery Today’s first-ever conference in our side of the world–Moscow, Russia. Really want to. It’s not a cheap endeavor exactly, but I think it would be so educational about birth in that area and then a great way to make contacts and brainstorm for advocacy ideas. I really hope it works out! Starts the day after we return to Ukraine!

We presented our ministry in a ladies’ SS class this Sunday, and they were so encouraging! One lady wants to increase our support! The Lord will provide. I am so encouraged about Paul’s adoption, too. We are mentioning our need of a 30-50,000 housing loan from individuals. We will see what the Lord does!

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