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Ruslan came to our center over a year ago now. He’s our live-in leader now. Such a heart burning for ministry to the lost, He’s wonderful. His favorite place to evangelize and get guys to come the center is the Kiev Central Train Station.

He and Vitaliy, praying, leaving the apt this morning

He and Vitaliy, praying, leaving the apt this morning

He used to live there. So he knows it like the back of his hand.

DSCN5680He walks through and points out the pickpockets, the homeless, the ones looking for no-documents-necessary work, the Americans passing through, etc. He knows where you can get a shower, free food, etc.

DSCN5675DSCN5681He’s wonderful at talking to these men about the Lord.

DSCN5684Jesus went on a lot of roads and well-trafficked places, looking for His own.

Lord, may we be like You.


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men praying

DSCN4366Two rehab guys are going on a rafting trip/weekend, and on the way, they’re going to ride the electric train for two days and witness to people about God’s wonderful plan of saving us from our sin-induced separation from Him and how we can come back into having a family relationship with God.

DSCN4367Praying men.

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I was asked to be chairman of the board of directors for the crisis pregnancy center we’re starting.

we met for 3 and a 1/2 hours—our first meeting. And we got a lot done, tasks assigned, fundraising ideas put in place, prayer and worship.

DSCN3922I’m thankful for how God has helped me hear and speak russian so freely. I make tons of grammar mistakes, but they all know what I’m saying 😀

We had a good meeting. Thankful to God.

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Vitaliy put our current ministry presentation on youtube if you’d like to watch it.

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These are photos of our pastors talking with unbelievers who came to our Christmas day (January 7) service.

Vsevelod Ivanovich, elder pastor, talking to a lady

pastor Vitaliy Fomin (black) talking to a guy

this is Alberto, Vitaliy Sokol talked to him and gave him this tract to read

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This book by Kay Arthur was the topic of our conference; it’s a study of the names of God.

Vitaliy's mom, Galina, is in the last row, grey sweater; Sveta, his SIL, is next to her in the green sweater

It was a good two days. We had speakers cover about four names of God, then we did 2-3 other names in small group settings.

I talked about God Almighty (El Shaddai). I emphasized the angle that God is almighty to me personally in love and talked about our tendency to worry.  

The end of the last day, we divided into two groups. and Vitaliy and Liza presented the gospel to a small group of saved/unsaved ladies with the name “God Provides.” One lady, Valentina, the mom of Natasha in our church, prayed to trust Christ alone for eternal life.

It was great that Vitaliy’s mom and sister were able to come! Great to see God working.

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You can read these on Vitaliy’s evangelism blog, and I thought I’d repost them here so you can be praying.


It makes me glad that people are reading the gospel of John and when Edward and I come, we discuss a chapter specific chapter (we’re on chapter 2). So far, there’s not much visible change from their faith, but they are reading-studying. We also talked this time about the 10 commandments, and how Christ fulfilled them for us and gives us His righteousness and justification by faith. 

Tolik starts to learn to play some songs on the accordian, and I also gave them many Christian songs to listen to, some Christian films and radio programs. May God use the power of the Gospel for the salvation of their souls.

I’m glad that my mom regularly comes here, too, for the service, even though it’s 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from her town.

fishing in the village of Kulyabovka

I was getting no bites, so that means it’s time to go home, I thought, heading towards my car. But at the last minute I thought to try one other place. To my surprise, there were bites, although the other fishermen weren’t getting anything. After an hour or two, the bites stopped, and I started driving home.

Along the way to Kiev, I picked up a young man, Sasha, and started to talk with him about God.  о Боге. He works in the police station, and said that right now he has some serious problems He listened attentively and said that I’d changed his perspective about God’s 10 commandments. He was glad that it worked out for us to meet, “although I usually ride in my own car,” he said, “and today it just didn’t work out.” I told him that I also never drive this way and only came out to do some fishing.

I thought: how wonderful what God arranged! Why I was already planning to come home earlier, but God held me back with biting fish even though no one else was getting any bites, and I was able to pick up this guy in order to talk to him about God and pray about his problems.

He has very serious problems and he’s just in a big perplexity, but he didn’t want to tell specifically what was going on, he just kept repeating that he’s having a hard time right now.

He was open to hear about God, although he didn’t decide to do a step of faith. In the end,  I prayed for him and gave him a tract about God, and then we parted.



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