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Skyla and Vika are my right and left hands. It is no literary expression, ha, ha. Raising a three year old with 6 hands/arms doing the work is like, wow. My legs don’t have to run anywhere either.

I like it.

Also wanted to say, Andre is an awesome biker!

IMG_6163Β  IMG_6165 IMG_6166 IMG_6170 IMG_6173 IMG_6175 IMG_6180 IMG_6181 IMG_6184


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Spring! Bikes!

At long last, spring is here, bikes are back out πŸ™‚


This interesting guy climbed pretty high into this tree and talked on his phone for a while. I thought that a clever mix of technology and nature.

IMG_5982 IMG_5984 IMG_5985

My forever reader: right now, it’s the boxcar children … and then we went to youth group and they play out the story with their little friend πŸ™‚

IMG_5986 IMG_5990

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Easter weekend was warm (our Easter was on the 12th), so we went for a family bike ride in the park. I had hard-boiled eggs with me, so we had the brilliant idea of hiding them and the kids searched for them, a couple times. It was a great evening. πŸ™‚

IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5854

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DSCN4510there’s some big children’s thing going on at the expo center where we ride, and they had painted these usually-metal-soviet-looking statues in these bright colors:


DSCN4509here’s some cappuchino art–and remember, you can make fabulous homemade milk/foamy stuff by heating up some milk and mashing it in the french press a while. The girls enjoy the leftover foam/milk.


Vitaliy bought an incubator and incubated and hatched some eggs to grow them as meat for the center. Here we are checking how the eggs/chicks are growing.


27 out of 40 hatched.



DSCN4503Skyla’s been collecting bugs to feed them:


the sign on the jar says something like “flies … dont’ touch”



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One interesting fact: our last name, Sokol, means “falcon.” Ukrainians like this last name. I didn’t really realize it much myself until a guy who was in the U.S. military once told Vitaliy that he liked his last name–apparently they had used “sokol” as one of their code names.

This summer, I think we are like a family of ducks. This is my favorite view of the summer:


we bought bikes. we love riding. we all love riding.

Here’s how it happened. I was going through a small life crisis, putting aside midwifery studies and birth work for a while, and one day in the midst of this major priority shift, I mentioned to V that we should ride bikes as a family.

I think a week later, or less, we had the bikes. Meaning, V loved the idea. We go riding a lot. V has done a few longer-through-the-city trips while our van’s been broken. And his knee started hurting, so we took a break. But we love riding. As a family.

So I love bringing up the rear. I imagine us like a family of ducks in a line.


sleeps with the breeze ruffling his hair


propped up against a tree


picnic lunch





reading Tullian Somebody …




ice cream

DSCN4043Family biking … it’s part of the new me.

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