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Why do people study and preach about God’s incredible sovereignty so much and so rarely study and preach about the intricacies and huge ramifications of man’s free will? Have you ever heard even one entire sermon about our free will?

I never thought about this until God helped me understand one huge reason why pregnancy and childbirth are spiritual events.

Pregnancy and childbirth are hugely spiritual because in them God gives us the power to co-create life. A pregnant woman may not choose the egg and sperm that will unite inside her, but she chooses what she will eat, breath, drink, and do while pregnant, and that has direct bearing on the life and development of the baby inside her. (Interestingly, though medical science did not understand this until recently, God long ago demonstrated the fact that what goes into the mother, goes to her in utero baby. For example, Samson’s mother was instructed not to drink any wine or strong drink because, from the womb, her son was to be a Nazarite [Judges 13].)

Free will and co-creation. I learned this truth when a girl I know was pregnant, and she continually drank and smoked. Her baby died at about four month’s gestation. That single event revealed to me the incredible power God has given us in bearing and nurturing life, the power of our own choices and free will for life or death.

God allows man the power to kill the unborn. God allows man the power to influence the development of the unborn.

Free will . . . Co-creation.


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Have you ever doubted God’s personal involvement in the creation of each new human being? I have. I used to wonder, Is it just biological laws that God has set in motion that account for the conception and development of babies?

But one day it dawned on me: Biology never creates a soul. Only God has that ability. He cares enough to make an eternal, unique soul for each person. He cares enough to create an eternal, unique body for each of His children at the final resurrection.

Would it not then follow that He cares enough to be intimately involved in all aspects of a person’s conception and prenatal development? Job speaks of this, “Did not He who made me in the womb make him [referring to his male slave], and the same one fashion us in the womb?” (31:15). Note here especially that it wasn’t some great, special Biblical character Job was talking about God fashioning in the womb (like Paul or John the Baptist)–it was himself and an ordinary, unnamed servant. What David wrote applies to us all: “You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb” (Ps. 139:13).

A midwife once was speaking, and she said that as parents we should pray about the egg and sperm that meet. That’s amazing to consider! Millions of eggs are in a woman’s ovaries. And millions of sperm are released from her husband. Phenomenal, that of all the billions of possible combinations, God plans exactly which egg and sperm will meet to create the person He wants to build!

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