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Mission agencies have all  different names for furlough now: Home Service, etc.

For all our information, the word furlough is a military term meaning a vacation or leave of absence. It’s also a prison term meaning a temporary leave of absence.

So maybe “home service” or some such term might be more accurate ūüėČ

Anyway, maybe I’m sounding like a broken record here, but I just keep being struck by how wonderful, restoring, healing, healthy, yada yada, this time back in the States has been for me personally. All our visits back to the U.S. haven’t been this¬†refreshing.

There was just a lot of negativity going on this last time in ministry, and personal frustration with home schooling and stuff.

Geesh, how many people get to just up, go¬†away from the stress,¬†and replant for a while? Then go back? I don’t know. Maybe more than I know. But it’s been a really good thing, is what I’m trying to say.

Things I’ve noticed: I’ve been enjoying a good homeschooling rhythm, happier, more¬†positive relationships with¬†my kids,¬†being able to grow in a stable church that has¬†lots of great leadership, be encouraged by older moms, sympathizing with those in the same phase of life,¬†friendships with mature Christians,¬†good friendships for my kids¬†…

I’m¬†just really thankful. I’m ready to go back, I think, maybe God knows better, but I miss our people and life in Ukraine. But how I am praying that all these good things will roll over with us when we go back.¬†‚̧


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board meeting

Our mission agency had their annual Board meeting and brunch. Vitaliy and I attended.

We helped by hanging the icicle lights earlier.

It was a really special time together. Several missionaries gave short reports, and we ate together. It was great getting to know some of the Titus leadership.

IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451

These cupcakes were the centerpieces, and they were so delicious, too!

IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454

We had a lovely and touching time. Very encouraging! Very thankful.

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Vitaliy’s never struck me as the guy to write a life purpose, but he has one.

DSCN5636Here is the translation:

Purpose of Life
I strive to see the world through the eyes of God and strive to make the main thing for myself only that which is important for God,
namely to reach the unreached.

I am blessed in order to bless.

For me there is nothing better than to win back the captured enemy’s territory, taking it back under the authority of Christ. I passionately desire, act and work so the name of Jesus reaches the ends of the earth, so it becomes known and available to every nation, ethnic and social group, so that Christ, in this way, receives worthy glory for His suffering.

To achieve this, I do not see any obstacles, but trusting all entirely to God, confidently know that every apparent obstacle is a unique opportunity for the name of Christ to be magnified more.

May Your name be glorified in all the earth, God!!!


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I’d be a pastor’s wife. Sure, I wanted to be a missionary, but I had big plans and dreams about what I’d be doing. The family was somewhere there on the side, in all those dreamy days.


I was so weird.

Anyway, I have a wonderful husband who is ordained as an evangelist, and as God would have it right now for us, he is a pastor (he’d rather just be doing the evangelism part, but …)

Vitaliy is a good pastor. He might not be gregarious or outgoing, but he’s a man of God.

I was going to post a little video clip of him preaching this Sunday, but I can’t get the file uploaded. So I’ll do some photos.

Good thing he doesn’t read this blog ūüėÄ


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I’m currently reading Anthony Norris Groves: Saint and Pioneer by Lang. I find Groves’ life deeply challenging and inspiring. I would like to do a little series here about Groves, and not just biographical information, but specific ways his life is touching mine and encouraging my faith.


I will give a few factual tidbits here:

  • He influenced George Muller (later his brother-in-law)¬† to live “by faith,” asking only of God not of men. He thereby also influenced the development of the later Hudson Taylor.
  • He gave up a nice lifestyle to live “by faith” and go as a missionary to Iraq and later India.
  • “The significance of Groves lies in his desire to simplify the task of churches and missions by returning to the methods of Christ and his apostles described in the New Testament. As a missionary, his goal was to help indigenous converts form their own churches without dependence on foreign training, authorisation or finance. His ideas eventually found wide acceptance in evangelical circles.” (wiki)
  • He wrote a booklet called Christian Devotedness, in which he examines Christ’s teaching about the non-accumulation of wealth and forwarding evangelism.
  • He was influential in the beginning of the Brethren movement.

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