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my 38th birthday

was yesterday!

Flowers from Vitaliy:

Notes from Vika:


Some ladies gave us several free tickets to the Rock City Enchanted Gardens evening/light show, and we all did that last night. It was neat-o!

So now I’m 38 🙂


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My word for 2014

The word dropped into my lap last year was “discipline.” And it’s been good to learn the discipline of homeschooling, especially. And the praying discipline got a good boost in 2013—that will need to go on for a lifetime, and I’m loving it.

This year’s word came to me in a flash of a thought, and I’ve been mulling it over.


I really want to be content this year. Especially with our income. But I want this also to grow into other areas in a healthy way. I want to be content with Vitaliy, for example, instead of grumbling or grudging about something.

Like, I wanted to go out by myself tonight to think. And he wanted to come along. Which is great generally. But all I wanted was to be alone and think. So in the car, he suggests we go to another place than what I was planning.… and in my mind, I want to start the silent grudging grumble (Why’d he come along in the first place? Etc., etc.) But then I thought “Content.” I am content. I don’t need a certain place to be content. I don’t need aloneness to be content (and that’s a big one for me). I don’t need to have purchased 4 years of homeschooling books in order to be content. I don’t need [fill in the blank] to be content.

In the church we visited today, this was on my mind, and they sang a song that had this phrase in it:

Christ is enough for me.

And I thought, “That’s it! Christ is enough for me!”
And the next line:

Everything I need is in You.

Amen. May I drink that to the depths.

As part of being content, I’m going to intentionally make this commitment this year:

I will compare myself to those who have less than I do and who sacrifice more for God than I have.

It reminds me of the WWII survivors. I read a great book years ago–—a man writing about his dad who was a WWII vet. And he’d refuse to do interviews (he was viewed as a hero by the media). And the dad always said, “Those who died are the heroes.” He compared himself to those who sacrificed more. And he was humble and grateful. He didn’t compare himself to those who never went to war, never experienced its hardships, etc. Then he would’ve been depressed, angry, full of self-pity.

And so I want to compare myself with those who have less and sacrifice more than I ever will. Part of doing this will be praying through Operation World’s prayer book. I may also subscribe to Voice of the Martyr emails, and read some biographies. I may also research the wars going on in the world today.

But I’ll let God lead me into those details.

Content: Christ is enough for me.

(He’s more than enough.)

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sleeping with my babes

I’ve had a lot of struggles with early motherhood, but one thing I have l.o.v.e.d. is co-sleeping. I studied how to practice it safely, and it’s been a big part of my mommy-ness. Very informative interview about doing this!

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this neat-o little thing

Vitaly and I stopped by a little shopping place with lots of antique stores on our drive home from Spring Hill, TN.

If you only knew how many things I didn’t buy, you can forgive me for paying over 30$ for this awesome thing. We all love it. Especially the kids, and that’s what I wanted.





It’s so tactile! So … just neat-o.

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friends for dinner

Having friends over for a Ukrainian meal …


And … the cook!!!!

my mother-by-marriage :)

my mother-by-marriage 🙂

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Vitaliy and I in Franklin, TN.

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Vika’s new sweater

Vika's new sweater

Babushka Galya knitted Vika this sweater recently … so lovely! she’s fast, too!

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