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baby update

I’m going to post about the camp we were just at, but I need to be somewhere I can upload some pictures, so I’ll wait on that.

Just a little baby update. The little one is making large movements now, like big, pressing sweeps across the front of me. It’s fun to feel, even slightly painful at moments.

I think I feel contractions at times, too. They’re like big downwards pressure when I stand up or am active. And twinges up my inner thigh–I’ve always had those, too.

People look at my huge stomach and think I’m on the verge of birthing.

🙂 Still about 10 weeks to go, probably more like 12, knowing myself.

I always have fears during a pregnancy about the birth. From what I’ve read, this is fairly common. My second birth, my fears were tearing hugely (and I had nothing) and something I forget. Third birth was shoulder dystocia (and he slid right out). This time my fears are me or the baby dying. So I decided today to do something I think my mom would do. I’m just going to *pretend* that everything will be beautiful and great.

Another thing I dislike, is that I have so many images and experiences of hospital births and interactions with medical personnel, that this is what I imagine when I think about my birth– I had this a lot during  Andre’s birth. So, I’m going to take some time to create some home-birth-fulfilled birthing images/imaginings, so I focus on that more than on hospital stuff. I think I’ll read birth stories and journal some things to help me do this.

So, that’s my baby update ❤


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We’re expecting our fourth child, and I’ve noticed a big change in myself. And that is being less involved in activities outside my family.

I used to feel this driving desire to do things. And now, I feel this desire to not do things. … I’ve started saying “no” a lot more. It’s hard saying no to pregnant women– that is probably hardest of all. But I feel a deep need to protect this baby and myself from witnessing and taking part in hospital births, for example–I see how it influenced my last birth. And teaching classes to women who will have hospital births is so frustrating to me anymore.

Also, I see the days with my kids are not crawling by any more. They are flying. And I want to value this time with them and not run away with busyness, even important busyness.

Third, it’s been hard for me to put away my own love of study and learning, and get into this doing and active period of life with my kids. But it’s a season; quiet, reflective days will come back, and I can grow and become a larger person by doing and being active with my family.

And fourth, with Vitaliy’s ministry being so demanding, our family can’t handle 2 ministry-active people. As we’ve lived at the village house where the rehab center is, I realized anew how draining and emotionally and physically taxing this work is for him. Plus the church pastoring…. And God’s brought me to a place where I’m happy with not actively pursuing my own emotionally and physically taxing involvements and pleased with watching him bear fruit.

One thing I’m incorporating into my life at this point is more Scripture memory. I remember clearly my mother doing this when we were all in elementary school– she and her friend Nancy would memorize verses and verses of the Bible on 3 x 5 cards.

My latest verse is I Corinthians 1:30:

But by His [God’s] doing you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption.

It’s been wonderful, pondering this deep truth. Thinking about Jesus being wise for me, in these simple life issues.

So, this is one of the good gifts God’s giving me during this 4th child pregnancy <3.

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Skyla made the sign behind us; it reads “Happy Moms Day”


the girls love Monopoly, so they are playing now with Vitaliy

IMG_2441 IMG_2442 IMG_2443

This me with week 24 baby–he has brain waves! We talked about names last night when Vitaliy took me out. We’re thinking Una for a girl, maybe Una Charity. And we both have no idea for boy names, though V is sure it’s a boy.  🙂

IMG_2445 IMG_2446


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week 23!


I think baby is transverse, so I’m holding him so.

Here’s the progress report– My uterus is up to my bellybutton–a little less than what is the norm, but I think baby is transverse so I’m longer than higher.

And I started feeling even more movements during the days, especially.


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22 weeks!

My non-ultrasound view of our baby:


This handy flip-chart has babies approximate size on one side and development info on the back.

Love it ❤


Halfway already!

edited to add: if you are interested in purchasing The Baby Egg, it’s about $16 on Amazon, and here’s another post about it here.

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So, Vitaliy gave me a present for being 4 months pregnant: a pressure cooker! He calls it our 21st century servant.

He certainly cooks a lot more now. Pressure cookers are his kind of thing, and it’s a big help–whole grain oatmeal, sweet potatoes, soup, plov … we’ve done a lot in 48 hours.

IMG_1502 IMG_1504

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My last pregnancy, I didn’t have regular prenatal care, and we were planning an unattended birth, so I wasn’t really talking about a lot of things. It made some aspects of pregnancy kind of lonely, not to mention all the stress we were under with various things–so it was generally hard to give that pregnancy much attention. Once Andre was born, he is the joy of our family, so all is good there 🙂

So I want to give this pregnancy some attention, while I’m pregnant.

We’re in the 18th week, from my calculations. Feel a lot of thumping going on if I lay on my stomach to read.

For the first time ever in any pregnancy, I had an ultrasound, around 15 weeks, to check if I had amniotic fluid. I’d been having random gushes of  liquid coming out. All is fine there– it was due to yeast infection.

So here we are:

IMG_1489 IMG_1488 IMG_1487

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