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Today is Vika’s 8th birthday! Imagine, that she was born around 5am in an apartment just a few steps from here! (She was born in building #35 and we live in #51 now.) Hers was my fastest, smoothest birth šŸ™‚ My sister was with us via Skype, and afterwards I wrote the Skype company and told them how we’d had our baby in anĀ apartment in Kiyv, Ukraine, and my sister hadĀ attended via Skype from Tennessee and all for free. Ā The man wrote back saying the office personnel got great pleasure from the story.


I bought her this little rectangular tea candle holder.


The girls’ new pink watches:


OK, new Bibles.

I’ve been wanting a nice Russian Bible that’s easy to read and easy to carry around for over a year now. So today, Vitaliy and I took Vika (and Una) to the Christian book bazaar.

And there they were:


This is the one IĀ chose.


I read the next Psalm in Russian for my Bible reading today, I think Psalm 84 (85 in English). I marked in blue the phrases I’d like to memorize and circled in pencil the words I want to check in the English.

I needĀ  start being able to speak and repeat Bible phrases in my Russian conversations.


Vika chose the pink and white one for herself, and we got the white dove one for Skyla.

IMG_5557 IMG_5558

OK, so you know how I sometimes fantasize of having a Bed and Breakfast in my old age. So, we had this American guest coming here, and he’s here with us now, and so a few weeks back, with the good exchange rate, I finally let myself buy a bedding set and a duvet.


I base my B&B ideas on my childhood memories of when we visited Europe when I was 12 and lived in inexpensive B&B’s. (I have egg cups coming soon, too!)

And I made delicious zharkoye today, too. … I can’t stop cooking now for some odd reason…



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What I’ve been hanging in my new kitchen:

Lists of main dishes,Ā breakfasts, etc.


I’m meditating over this passage right now, from Psalm 84:


Various recipes hanging around my stove–basics like crepes and some sweets that are easy to make:



Life has gotten complicated since moving to Kiev, so I’m keeping an openĀ calendar. Still have more months to pin up, but so far, I have March to June up.




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We bulk buy when we can– there’s a huge bazar near here where you can get cheap bulk things from all over Ukraine, so we loaded up on potatoes, onions, beets, and some cabbage.

Not only do we cook with these root veggies a lot, I’m thinking of doing a juice fast in March, so I’m stocking up for that possibility.

IMG_5537Ā  IMG_5544

Igor, from the rehab center, our live-in leader, came by. He helped Vitaliy carry all the stuff up from the car and they had tea in the kitchen. They’re eating my odd chocolate cake. See, I made this awesome chocolate cake, and instead of the recommended frosting, I did a fudge frosting. But wow, it cooked way to long because it just hardened into a hard-candy-like frosting that is almost impossible to cut through.

It’s one of those delicious mistakes that is awesome to eat in the privacy of one’s own home. Vitaliy insisted on sharing it (I was ready to dump it in the trash). He says, it’s wrong for you because it’s not what you imagined, but it’s just that something different turned out.”

Nice way to put it šŸ™‚


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Una update

Una will be 6 months in 2 days, and she is getting her first tooth just now. When on her stomach, she has just started rocking up to her knees a bit, and she can roll-fall over onto her back.

IMG_5528 IMG_5531 IMG_5532

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Getting settled into this new place, arranging things, buying stuff we need.

We bought a kitchen table and stools. So here’s shots of the kitchen:

IMG_5480 IMG_5481 IMG_5482 IMG_5483

I made two new Ukrainian recipes/dishes:

A salad–olivye (Š¾Š»ŠøŠ²ŃŒŠµ) and zharkoye (Š¶Š°Ń€ŠŗŠ¾Šµ) with meat–



For breakfast, I made German pancake, and instead of cooking it all in the oven as one dish, this recipe had them cooked like crepes. (I bought this lovely non-stick,Ā big frying pan yesterday, with aĀ spatula that you can use in heat and it won’t melt.)

In the frying pan:


drizzle half with some … sweetened condensed milk (I think it is)


fold over and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar




Vika says it’s like havingĀ desert for breakfast!


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homeschooling today

So, for my records, I want to talk about what our homeschooling looks like these days.

  • Reading Leading Little Ones to God and AWANA
  • Grammar 3 workbook
  • Spelling Power (daily)
  • Math 4 (just started)
  • Multiplication flashcards (they stillĀ need to studyĀ the 7s, 8s, andĀ 9s, but we’re over the hump here)
  • Typing lessons/blogging
  • Self reading
  • Me reading aloud
  • Character class
  • Health class
  • Early American history
  • Reading aloud with me
  • They also do Russian grammar andĀ self reading in Russian. And some art with Vitaliy.

I’m thinking of doing our group classes in the evening. I triedĀ it tonight, and that was a good time for me and them.Ā It’s just a lot in the mornings, and then they play, and evening is a nice time for history, character, group reading. Glad I can do that.


Character class—reading Psalm 23 and discussing what a shepherd does:


Reading Leif the Lucky— here are some pictures they colored.


I like these art notebooks that we use with the Oak Meadow curriculum–I’m just having them put all their work on these pages.

As we were reading Psalm 23, I was touched by the phrase “He restores my soul.” And I realized how often I need that–I get upset, tired, whatever, and those green pastures and quiet waters are inside me and restore me–His presence.

Nice to pause and write out these details that fill our days.



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Reblogging this: some thoughts I had while reading and rereading Titus a year and a half ago.

The reblogged post starts now:

Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with God

DSCN4110Paul had instructed Titus to appoint elders in the churches in the area where he left him, so of course, he told him what kind of men to look for.

Itā€™s long interested me how the elderā€™s ā€œqualifications,ā€ as we so strictly term them today, are often wrapped up in his wife.

Itā€™s like, the elder candidate has to have an assumed unity of godliness with his wife.

Because how many wives could wreck this stuff:

  • having children who believe, not accused of dissipation or rebellionā€”in the final analysis our kids make their own choices. But what choices are we making, as their parents, while we have these childhood years in our hands?
  • For the overseer must be above reproach as Godā€™s steward
  • not fond of sordid gainā€”not greedyā€”are you ready to be content and not nag about money?to not even worry? I have failed in this, for yearsā€¦

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