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We’re doing tons of cleaning out, wiping down, cleaning, cleaning, moving things away or around, wiping down the dust, cleaning, cleaning, ad infinitum …

Yesterday, we arrived early afternoon, and I just started wiping down and cleaning, and to do something simple to eat, Vitaliy had the girls go pick a bunch of sweet corn from the garden and we boiled and ate it … we still have some left– it’s great cold!

sweet corn from the garden

sweet corn from the garden

When we bought the new oven, V and I also bought watermelon and ice cream cake b/c it was Skyla’s birthday– we had already celebrated twice, but we wanted to notice the day, too.

IMG_3308 IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3312

I’ve started waking early again, like I used to. And this morning I tried sirniki– a cheese pancake thingy. They were OK, but next time, I want to buy drier tvorog (soft cheese) because what I used runs like yogurt, so I had to use too much flour. But they were still OK and we ate them 🙂

IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3327 IMG_3330

then I made borsch today for lunch and tried steamed cabbage again (I didn’t like how it came out the first time I did it, so I asked V’s mom how she did it because she does really yummy stuff, and we’d made it together once before). Here are my helpers peeling potatoes for borsch– A is handing them unpeeled and plopping the peeled into the bowl of water.

IMG_3331 IMG_3332

Here’s the goose and little … quail I think?… that the rehab guys raise (to eat) out the back door.

IMG_3328 IMG_3329

IMG_3287 IMG_3288

I hope this isn’t gross or offensive to show … while we were in Kiev, the guys killed one of the goats to use for meat. … this is usual end of our farm animals …




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Years ago, I visited Ukraine to teach some writing classes, and I stayed a sweet friend’s house in Belaya Tserkov. She was making a meal for us, and so she just walked out into the garden that surrounded her house and cut some dill to use.

Ever since that little romantic moment of eating fresh foods immediately from your own yard, I wanted to experience that.

Now, confession, I go out to the garden of our rehab center that the guys planted, and I have NO CLUE which plant is the potato plant that I need to dig up in order to get out the potatoes. It all looks rather like a jungle to me, so someone still helps with that. …

But I’ve done fresh green onion salad, fresh cucumber salad, fresh mint for the tea, fresh apples and plums … It’s just my romantic dream come true.


DSCN5451 DSCN5454 DSCN5455 DSCN5456 DSCN5459DSCN5552 DSCN5553

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Vitaliy’s growing a garden in containers on the balcony. It’s produced a lot of great things, like green onions for salads. He’s mostly doing some light hydroponic gardening.

Here he is with the sorrel he grew.

He cut it to put it into the crock pot of borshch he had going, so we have been eating yummy green borshch today.

The meat he used was the legs of a chicken his mom killed and gave us. . . . I don’t like talking about it, but he actually put the claws/feet in there without my knowledge. I actually dished one out into my bowl.

I did not eat it. I donated it to him because he likes them.

He actually was teasing me about “chicken paws” in bed tonight. He says I’ll have nightmares.

It might be true.

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