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I’m studying midwifery with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute, and the course is divided into 6 sections that contain all kinds of assignments. In this notebook, I’m turning in all of Section 1, which is mostly about medical terms, definitions, word parts, abbreviations, etc. Also, Section 2 is a lot of overview and looking into the various resources we have for learning. I’m turning in two assignments connected with watching videos and listening to conference speakers–this was one of the most interesting things I’ve done!

It’s been hundreds of hours of work!

One thing that’s beginning to clarify for me is the importance of my Section 5 file system. It’s the place I can store and retrieve all the info I’m learning. It’s a major project, but I’m glad I have the files ready now, and I’m getting quite a pile of notes (from book reading) I need to file away.

This coming quarter, I’m going to continue and hopefully finish the rest of Section 2 work.

I occasionally and regularly (usually after I finish an assignment) take time to re-read some inspiring letters from Carla and to look all through the curriculum again so I can keep getting the big picture, staying in perspective, and keep focused.

I desperately need a housekeeper! Come with a shovel 😉


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