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Cute! Sisters!

Feeding birds out the balcony window together:



Skyla chasing Vika on the mall’s bunji jumping game:



Laying together on their baby couch:




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I still can’t believe it.

dryerdc1This dryer is sitting on my balcony.

dryerdoI’ve dreamed of having a dryer for a long time. Not often, actually, but I have thought of it. I don’t mind hanging clothes everywhere (clothsline, couch, radiator, wire clothes hanger, etc), but especially in winter when the cold halts drying, or when you need something fast, a dryer would be really nice. We had two issues, though. Where to put it so the air tube could go outside–in the kitchen? bathroom? Neither would work well in this apartment. And the cost. Dryers can be pricey, and they’re not too high up on the want-to-buy list.

So i’m still in shock that i have one. and it was new, cheap, and with a warranty. Yes, shock. God just dropped it out of heaven.

We were in “Sam’s Club” today (it’s called Metro here) and i wanted to buy a crock pot, so we were in the housing appliances section. Crock pot not to be found, but we started talking about dryers for some reason, and Vitaliy said, we could put it on the balcony and run the air tube out the window. A little strange, i know, for Americans with everything built into the housing system, but dryers were not in the Communists’ minds when they built these high-rise apartment buildings. (A lot of conveniences were not in their minds.)

So we’re looking thru their selection, and we see one dryer. all the rest are washers. The dryer that you see above.  Simple-looking. On sale, we notice. Original price is a little over $400. Marked down to $220. We think: we should get this. It’s new, and used won’t be any cheaper. This is probably the last one, and it’s the only one we’ve seen . . . yada, yada. So Vitaliy tells a worker that we want to buy it. He comes back with a manager. The manager says, “this is not the real price.” . . . uh, oh. . . . He continues, “it costs $120.”

So our teeth were still in our mouths and not on the floor, but we were both in shock. Knock me over with a feather. I tried not to scream and dance in public, well, at least until they weren’t looking 🙂

So we got a dryer, a real dryer, new, for $120, with a warranty.

Yes, we’re in shock. It dries great. I’ve tried it already and have yet another load in the washer 🙂

It’s easy to talk about blessings, you know? Almost like bragging sometimes. What about when we don’t perceive God’s blessings? For me, my hugest struggle right now is being content in this apartment. It’s terribly small, it’s terribly Soviet. But it’s a convenient location, the rent relatively cheap, and it’s what God specifically provided for us.

I was reading about Elizabeth today, John the Baptist’s mother. She lived her whole married life with no child.  She wanted a child so badly, probably more than i want a house to live in. But God didn’t give it to her for a long time. But she wasn’t bitter, angry, discontent,or self-pitying. She was probably tempted to be all those things. When she became pregnant, she specifically said that God had taken away her shame. Publicly, it was a shame for her not to have a child.

The amazing thing  is that God had a good plan for her the whole time, and she didn’t know it. But apparently she trusted God and lived that out in her daily life. God used the very thing that saddened and provoked her the most to bring the greatest blessing in her life and to work in her spiritual character.

Her example taught me a lot today. So if this apartment is what I can sacrifice for God, I will gladly do it. It’s such a small thing. And I will have a house in heaven one day. But you know, that’s not the best thing. The best thing is that one day i will see the face of Jesus. He Himself is my Home.

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