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So I’m going to blog a few goals. I went back and reviewed my 2015 goals/ideas. Some I’ve done (the weight loss, read through the Psalms 4-5 times).

I also did some things last year I never imagined in that January. I started a Russian-language blog and a MomHeart ministry for our church. I also started a small group for Bible memory in our church, and maybe another one for practicing regular Bible reading. (I’m gifted in inspiring people, but not gifted in organizing systems to then serve the need….)

Our home school took an unexpected turn with doing fourth-grade video school. We are still chugging away on that. I’m glad we’re doing it. For a year.

So here are some goals and projects for 2016:

  1. I’m reading through the Bible chronologically, using biblestudytools.com. Really like that site!
  2. Our Bible verse memory group–I’m trying to organize us to memorize some portions in Ephesians this year.
  3. I’d like us to raise full support. This is a goal for more than a year, I think. We are at about 54% of our support. (I’d like to meet this goal by the year 2018.)
  4. I’m studying home making  and hospitality this year. I have some great books. After doing this for 12+ years of marriage,  and in a very Ukrainian lifestyle, I have more questions and ways I want to learn and improve.

I have more goals written, but I want to write about something else now.

The Lord has arranged for another young man in our church to help in the pastoral ministry–2016 is his trial year. And Vitaliy is happily handing over many responsibilities. We both feel a fresh breath for ministry, for focusing on evangelism as Vitaliy’s calling and gifting.

For a few years now, he took and then helps teach a course for Ukrainians about reaching other cultures and especially unreached peoples. And this February, for 4 weeks, he’s going with a small group of men to evangelize small villages in the Taiga of Siberia. It’s extreme evangelism. -40 temps, etc.

And I’m praying for fruit.

It’s refreshed my value of short-term trips–going into hard-to-live-in places to evangelize. And Lord willing, it will be yearly.

I’m gearing up for a month без-Виталия (without Vitaliy). I think we’ll do fine. The gals in our church are so emotionally supportive, and I may ask his mom to come live with us for that time–she’s wonderful with cooking and the kids.

I have more to say, but wrapping it up for now. Here are photos of my books I’m studying as my homemaking/hospitality course, and a page I made and laminated for kitchen-cleaning. I’m thinking of doing a few pages like this. It gets me emotionally involved in the process.






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By goals, I don’t mean a number of pounds or inches by a certain date. I’m taking Charlotte Siems‘ lead to think a little differently about setting goals (I read about this in her ebook, Renewing Me). She did “event” goals. Like a certain size by the date of a child’s wedding.

So  my first goal is to fit into my jean skirts by next Saturday, the 11th when I’m attending and speaking at a woman’s conference. They are larger-size jean skirts that were usually a little loose.

This morning I tried on one of them, and I can fit into it, though it’s snug. I’m going to wear it to church tomorrow. … I can’t find the other jean skirt yet.

Rabbit trail: I’ve had a lot of “bodies” during these last 9-10 childbearing years. I have so many sizes of clothes all over the place, as I’ve gone from my skinniest time of my life (just after the birth of child #1) to my largest size with this #4 pregnancy and birth.

Back to my goals:

I’m turning 40 in a year and 3 months (Dec 2015). I want to have a good 40s decade, and I’d like to be in a good state physically. So that’s my long-term aim.

So my goals so far:

by Thanksgiving ’14, I’d like to be size 14 (I’m 16 right now).

for my 39th birthday (12/14), I’d like to have been consistent making these positive changes. Not perfect, but consistent. Progress.

by my 40th birthday (12/15), I’d like to be at my ideal weight and size, whatever that ends up being, and maintaining that.

I’m going to reward myself, too. For one goal, pretty soon, I’m going to buy myself a pair of good tennis shoes and workout clothes, neither of which I have right now. For another goal, I’d like to get a manicure/pedicure, because I never do those things, and they’re extremely popular and affordable here. (My mom and her friends have gifted them to me at various times in the States 🙂 ) I’d like to reward myself by buying more T-Tapp workouts if I’m not able to download enough new ones. (I have a few DVDs already.)

For my 40th, I may reward myself with an actual birthday party where I buy a new outfit and dress up, go out with friends. That would be … different. I’m not really a party or dress up person.

Hmm. This becomes more and more interesting.


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