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big day for me.

10am was mommy group–it was cold and rainy out, so we decided to keep the kids at home and the mommies met at the mall! we had a special speaker some and talk about health.

then i left early at 12pm (they weren’t done yet) to go to a meeting for the mother-baby center. All the project leaders are meeting and presenting their plans for 2010. The church we were at had wi-fi, so i took my laptop and got on Skype so Olya (in PA right now) could be with us and take part. She and I have been working together writing the plans out, so it was good to have her there.

According to the plan, Lord willing, when she returns at the end of the year, we start truckin’ to start a crisis pregnancy center in Kiev; however, it won’t be one center. It will be a hotline, and clients will be sent to a counseling point in their own region with a counselor from that region. (Trying to locate in one place is a huge hamper for getting clients because traveling thru the city is a great hassle.)

Anyway, short story, there is a lot to do. That’s a good thing, and we are happy to do these things ūüôā It’s all about reaching lives with the gospel! Touching eternity¬† . .¬† one life at a time!


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i love paper

i love paper. i love notebooks (not all notebooks, i’m choosy, mostly by how flat it lays out).

this is my new prayer-request book:


years ago, i used notecards, but they don’t sell them here and the nature of my organzational life has changed a lot since having children.

i like cards because they are free-standing, and the bound nature of notebooks doesn’t help me with inserting-deleting requests, but i’m trying . . .

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food stuff

Vitaliy is doing most of the cooking now, and I am his happy assistant.


we have  a lot of peppers someone gave us, so we decided to use them with rice in the crock pot. I found a treasure in a pepper!


we now have a pet catterpillar!!!

Vitaliy is a serious cook, especially when he has to work with onions:


yes, very serious . . .


these goggles are for him what my contact lenses are for me!

i love making food prep a family activity. Not just that it saves me work, but i like the together time with my sweetheart.

I can’t wait to eat.

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my 4-year-old

TG, my wunnerful, attachment-parenting friend, sent me a box of books at my plea for parenting help, and in that box is a simple series of thin books, each one about a year of child development. When Skyla turned four, I started searching for this, and I found it last night in my bookshelf:

Your Four-Year-Old: Wild and Wonderful by Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D.

Your Four-Year-Old: Wild and Wonderful by Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D.

These books allay my first-child-you’re-scaring-me-what-do-I-do?! fears.

For example, Skyla, when she gets angry, often says to me: “I’m going to throw you in the trash can!” I don’t overreact to that expression; usually I just say, “we don’t talk like that,” and try to address the cause of anger.


It is his verbally out-of-bounds expresions that are most conspicuous. . . . If not with actual profanity, the child may criticize the adult with epithets and threats. . . . [about siblings:] Quite a typical command¬†. . . may be: ‘Don’t do it like that. That’s wrong. If you do it again, I’ll cut you in pieces and throw you in the garbage.’¬†

So my fears are assuaged. Also my perplexity about why she suddenly threatens to run away and live on the balcony. Threatening running away is quite typical for Fours, according to Ames.

Positives listed that I noted are so true with Skyla:

  • Four year olds are more comfortable with adult authority than Threes.
  • Fours are “joyous, exuberant, energetic, ridiculous, untrammeled–ready for anything.”
  • Fours LOVE TO LAUGH and be SILLY!

I love you, Skyla!


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yesterday, Vitaliy went to the village of Radinka and spent some time with his Bible-institute-days friend Olexiy, who is the leader of the prayer house in this small, almost-forgotten village.

They had good talks together.

Vitaliy also went out witnessing. Two early-teen guys prayed with him after he presented the gospel to them.

A bunch of us drove out in our van this am to join this church for their Zhatva (harvest celebration). For his sermon, Vitaliy handed out slips of paper with two questions and had each person write their answers.

1) Are you sure you’ll go to heaven when you die?

2) Why would God let you into heaven?

Then his sermon consisted of presenting the gospel. Several people indicated that they wanted to accept God’s unearnable gift of eternal life. No one prayed individually, but it was neat to see the gospel going into ready hearts.

(He collected the answers to those questions and they are interesting to read! about half or more answered “by faith” to #2, but many also answered things like baptism, trying not to sin, etc.)

Vitaliy has a vision now. And it’s evangelism. His heartbeat has always been evangelism, and the evangelism training he did this summer put a plan and system into his hands. He wants to take time to train our church members and create a small team of people who can go to different places and evangelize and teach other churches to evangelize.

Wow. I am praying for him!

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Mother-baby center

menLast week and next week, the leaders of Father’s House projects are presenting plans for next year.ladies

Olya and I are the leaders of the mother-baby center, so we are writing our plans for the year 2010.

Some issues have arisen with the location of the center, issues with the government. They hopefully will be decided in a month. But until then, our renovations of the building have stopped. If this building doesn’t work out, we will have to find another location. We are praying about this a lot.

Olya standng in front of the former pioneer camp we've been renovating into the mother-baby center

Olya standng in front of the former pioneer camp we've been renovating into the mother-baby center

Another exciting opportunity is one of Olya’s dreams, to start a crisis pregnancy counseling center/network throughout Kiev. Lord willing, we’ll be able to work on this next year as well.

The idea is to advertise a hotline offering free pregnancy testing and counseling. We would have volunteers and locations to meet¬†throughout the city (so clients don’t have to travel far), and in this way we would be able to personally evangelize and influence abortion-minded girls and women. We are thrilled ūüėÄ We need much prayer. We will see what God will do.

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At our home church in TN, my mom (lo, these many years ago) was instrumental in starting a ladies’ Bible study fondly called “MOMS.”

I love it, every time I’m home. Two hours of kid-free coffee, snacks, special speakers, Bible study, etc. It’s the marker of my week.

So, here I am, two small kids, and I want MOMS. But now it’s me doing it, and I want to make it special, so ladies want to come.

Tonight I made zuchini bread, and scones and Devonshire cream. Natasha (other young pastor’s wife) is also bringing something sweet. We have a loose collection of saved and unsaved ladies from our neighborhood who come.

Natasha picked out a book about marriage and she presents some of that. I present info from a book about parenting. We try to make it informative and encouraging.

I have things around that I can give away as gifts/prizes, so we do a few little games and all.

{Pardon me. Had to go remove the scones from the oven and put in the second batch of z bread.}

Marika and Alyona, two sisters, are our babysitters for tomorrow–how we love those babysitters, don’t we? Need to save them some food.

Anyway! Looking forward to waking up tomorrow!

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