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Sometime around 2012, God was impressing me that I need to develop my prayer time with Him. So I was open to various ways He might lead me into that, and one thing that I found (that has really helped) is this prayer journal.

This is my third journal. I’ve done, re-done, tried various things, and this is the current version.

Found this hardcover notebook with 5 sections of colored pages. It’s A4 size (that’s close to 8.5 x 11).


Used this fabric that I love and some tacky glue I had on hand. Skyla held Una while I ironed, cut, measured, etc.



Here’s the current finished version. I might add a verse to the front.


I’ll post about the inside sometime soon, maybe…


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i found treasure

DSCN5934Almost a year ago exactly, I found and printed off this little booklet–after watching Gina’s youtube presentation about the way she prays.

So I started a big notebook–full-sized pages–and had page dividers and blank pages to write down prayers.


I will tell you things as we go through these pictures of my prayer notebook.


Back to the present: The last week or two has been strange in that I have no delight in reading my Bible. I stopped reading It mostly. I’m not recommending this as a regular course of action, and at all other times in my life, I have just continued reading my Bible anyways (Amen. This is a blessed thing to do. This is one of the greatest disciplines to have in one’s life.) DSCN5937

I’m not sure why this time is different. I told Vitaliy about this, that I have no desire to read my Bible, which I usually run to do. And he said, why don’t you take a break for a while then. DSCN5939

Now, off and on for the past year or more, I’ve been wanting, been moved by God’s Spirit, etc. to pray more. I am not satisfied with my prayer life. Yesterday, I was reminded of this and bought a huge notebook to use for prayer.


You see, reading and studying and writing are what I naturally do. I love to read and study and write.

Did I mention that I love to read and study and write?

Surely by now you know that I love to read and study and write. DSCN5941

So what happens is, in my private time to pray, read, and study, and journal/write, I do it all but pray.

Well, I do pray some. But I don’t pray consistently or regularly. I read, study, and write consistently and regularly. But prayer gets short shrift.


I am even so wired about this, that I feel like I’m not really praying (when I’m sitting down to pray) if I’m not writing down every word.

I’m serious.

I’m cereal, as the girls like to joke.


So anyway, I had started this prayer notebook a year ago, done it for a few months, and then I made it too complicated and messy, trying to keep midwifery stuff, fundraising stuff, family stuff, all crammed in there.

so I set it aside. And went on reading and studying and writing. Praying at times throughout the day. But not praying regularly and consistently for my family and faith family as I should. DSCN5944

So I take this notebook down again today. And I see ways I want to simplify it—way to much writingwritingwriting. I see now clearer ways I want to divide things up, categories I need to pray for, things to emphasize.

Ways to make this great idea my own personal thing.
DSCN5946 DSCN5947

See what I found in it? Lovely treasures! DSCN5948

I checked off answered prayers … DSCN5950 DSCN5952

Found the things I want to be praying for regularly. DSCN5953

And this!!! “Moving out to house; finishing second building”

I started this page on 25 September 2012. A year ago, minus 2 days.


The last entry before I put this prayer book down says “3 Nov [2012] Indefinite delay of moving out.”DSCN5955

Big grin. And here we are!! All cozied up in our little house. The guys in the new building. … Wow, God. You did it!

And I found this page about the crisis pregnancy center starting up. And I see now all the answers to prayers, the hotline that rings almost daily now. …


Yes, I found a treasure. I’m going to rework this notebook and live in it for a while, praying the Scripture that I love to read, study, and write about.

And working on memorizing John 14.

You see, God wants me to learn to do the things I don’t do naturally. It’s discipline. And this treasure helps me taste the joy that will be multiplying in the years to come.

We have a very creative, communicative, personal God.

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