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Thanksgiving shots

Some Thanksgiving Day photos:

IMG_0281IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0303IMG_0300


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We made these friends 3 and a half years ago when we were here. Their church met on Sunday afternoons in a church next door to our house. We’ve enjoyed renewing our friendship!

IMG_0324 IMG_0326

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We came back during holiday season this time. It’s been nice.

We usually decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day, but we did it early this year b/c Thanksgiving will be an extended-family affair.

DSCN6361 DSCN6362 DSCN6365 DSCN6366 DSCN6370 DSCN6372 DSCN6375 DSCN6377 DSCN6378 DSCN6379 DSCN6381

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We had such a Little House on the Prairie day.


(We just started reading one of the LHOTP books we’ve not read yet.)

So we noticed a man and woman raking leaves in our enormous, tree-filled yard. So we soon went out to join then. I thought it a nice second half to our school-life day.

It’s a big job. Really big.

And we’ve done this the last two times we were here, too. We like having physical work to do at times.

So, as they pound the leaves down in the truck bed to haul them off, I imagine them as Laura in the prairie sun stamping down the hay Pa throws in the wagon.

Then I think, yes, Little House meets Ukraine … and India … (our next door neighbors who share this yard are from India).

DSCN6387 DSCN6388 DSCN6389 DSCN6392 DSCN6397 DSCN6399



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I’m polishing off my second round of nachos and cheese.

DSCN6302Yesterday, the females and children of the fam went to a Greek bake sale, and among other things, I got this yummy desert and had a nice time with the family.

DSCN6303I’m also yumming down on a Ukrainian salad that Vitaliy’s mom made today:

DSCN6304And I was so touched last night– our ladies missionary society at Grace gave each missionary a 40 dollar gift card to LifeWay (well, we could choose between this gift card or a manicure/pedicure, and did I even think for one second about that choice?).

So last night I walked around the store for a bit, canvassing what delicious way to spend this money, and I saw the wonderfullest thing I’ve been wanting!

A shepherdess mom figurine.

ShMomThat is NOT the official name of this statue or anything, but that’s what I think of it as, and I put it has the header of my ShepherdessMom blog, which was my original desire. It’s my motif for motherhood right now.

ShMomLOVEThat “Love” word I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Been busy, ya’ll. Busy and blessed!


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