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  • Our supporters give to us generously and faithfully. Several of them have increased their giving lately.
  • We had enough in savings to get a lot of dental work done, and to fix an expensive van repair job.
  • Someone, I have no idea who besides name and address, sent us 1200 dollars.
  • Tax return money
  • God has been teaching me and reminding me to pray that He will supply our needs.

Dear God, may we be generous and full of gratitude!


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God’s provision:

  • we have wonderful chuches and families praying for and supporting us regularly
  • another family started to support us monthly
  • someone, I have no idea who but for name and address, sent us 1500 dollars
  • we were just able to finish repaying a small debt to my parents

Wow. Just let me stay fallen on the floor here for a while, God, looking up at You.

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I had a flash of insight the other day that is helping me.

I have always thought of (or experienced?) patience as a thing that kind of walls up/holds back anger. Like, I am experiencing anger, irritation, frustration welling up in me, and patience has to try to hold it back. I guess seeing patience as the obligated sequel to that negativity. I don’t think I saw patience as its own element, just a reaction to sin.

And then I had this thought: What if there was only patience inside me?

What if anger wasn’t welling up? What if there was nothing of feeling irritated, annoyed… In the face of the same circumstances, there is just a long, slow, deliberate calm. A willingness to wait. Not passivity, but prayer. Giving up my control of the situation to God’s power.

What if there were only patience inside me?

I am not sure I can even explain it. But I think this is part of growing in love, of giving control over to the Spirit, of being  clothed in Christ.

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