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OK, Vitaliy says Chicago like “CHicago,” not like SHicago. I just asked him not to say it in public, please, so we mostly said it in the car. I smiled a lot about it.

We spent last weekend in CHicago at Morningstar Baptist Church.  My hyperlink function isn’t working for some reason, so you can find them at wordcentered.org

I hope to post more pics if i ever get my blogging life back to normalcy, but that is a question.

Saturday, while I was galavanting around with a nurse-midwife looking at birthing wards, then gabbing with my good friend Joy, Vitaliy took the girls to a discovery museum.

the "body bubble" machine

They had a lot of fun, to say the least.

That’s all for now. !!


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Keri Lumm of thegracepost.com interviewed me recently, and posted it here on her blog. You can listen to or read it.

What a unique way she’s expressed friendship to me! We are excited to meet each other in person this spring when we’re in the States.

Thank you, Keri!

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raising friends

We are raising new support right now, and we’ve made a presentation of our ministry. You can view it here, as a FaceBook album.

If the Lord burdens you to become involved in our lives and ministries, we’d love to get to know you more!


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we have the most awesome, wonderful supporters in the universe 😀 I love you–churches, people, everyone. You are a pleasure and blessing to us!

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Our 2009-2010 minstry presentation is finished! I can e-mail it to you (2Mb file) or you can view it as a photo album on my FaceBook page.

Please take time to view it. We are praying for the people that God would like to join us as supporters! Feel free to pass it on to interested friends as well. We need you 🙂


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raising support, 2

We’re returning to the States in March and we need to raise a good chunk of new support.

In our marriage, this mostly falls to me and naturally, I lean towards stress and worry, but the Lord’s been whispering in my ear: It’s My responsibility.  I will provide.

So really, I can be full of JOY. Focus on the people, which I love to do, and don’t worry about the numbers.

Let’s do this!

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prayer and math

We need to raise another $2,500 per month in regular support. With God, that’s no problem. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to see Him work and to make friends! 2500 translates to something like this: 100 people supporting us for $25/month; 50 people supporting us for $50/month; or 25 people for $100/month.

It won’t be that clean, of course. We have people and churches supporting us anywhere from $15 to $500 a month.

The wonder is that prayer spiritualizes the math, turning it into real people!

We need you to pray that God would definitely direct the people He wants to support us.

Would you pray about supporting us?

Would you pray about having us speak to your small group or Sunday School class or your church?

Just pray. God will do all the “math” from there!

P.S. I’ve started a FaceBook group called “Support the Sokols!” if you want to join.

Also, Since starting this FB group, since starting praying specifically about our support needs, God’s provided a regular supporter and two ladies who want to interview me on their blogs.

Thank You, God 🙂

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