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A few years ago, Vitaliy and I had just lain down together on our mattress, and I was feeling the uncomfortable jab of crumbs underneath my body from the kids eating in our bed. Our mattress is kind of the watch a movie/play/color/be near mommy place. I grumbled a bit and was trying to wipe them away.

And Vitaliy said, “Just enjoy it.”

I’ve never forgotten those simple words. Meant to be funny. And it was a bit of humor injected at just the right moment.

I’ve been thinking of that sentence a lot lately, with being in the little kids season of life. It helps to realize that it is just a season, that soon it will pass, and the markers on the kitchen floor, the plastic dishes all wonky on their shelves, the little scraps of paper from my sissors-loving girls, the requests for sewing time, the messy book shelves, the jelly and food gummed to the table, the water on the bathroom floor, the coats and hats on the floor in front of the closet and not hung up, the . . . . ad infinitum . . .





And Vitaliy and I will be lonely sometimes, missing our kids, wondering where the years went.

I think about it a lot right now.

And I want to “just enjoy it.”

Not try to be perfect and keep it all perpetually clean.

I’ll just enjoy it.

Those pesky crumbs. . . .


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