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Here are my angels–they will be the flower girls in a wedding this Saturday, so I went out and actually spent money on clothes. Not sure we’ll be using the butterfly wings during the wedding, but they are one possible accoutrement.

My confession is that I am not a girlie-girl. I hate painting nails, makeup, dressing up, etc. OK, there are very rare occasions in my life when I am compelled to paint my nails red for a brief period of time, but that’s about it.

So I wasnt’ going to do much for this wedding thing, maybe actually iron their church dresses and have them wear that. But for some reason, I feel compelled to express beauty and cuteness for this event–it’s girl tradition, I guess. So I’m going whole hog, bought matching, adorable dresses, and I’m even thinking of buying glitter makeup to put under their eyes, and then painting their nails light green (the wedding color), and putting lipstick on them, curling their hair, etc. Sheesh, so much to buy for a gal who is not fancy.

Anyway, there you have it! Hopefully I’ll be able to put wedding photos (of the flower girls) up this weekend!


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Here’s the jist of the conversation I had with Skyla (5) and Vika (3) in the car today:

V: Is God in my tummy?

Me: Well, . . . (more thoughtful answer because this is not the first time I’ve heard this question.) Yes and no. First of all, God is everywhere. And secondly, when we are God’s children, He does come to live in our inside person.

. . . conversation ensues . . .

S: So when I eat, does my food fall on Him?

Me: (choking) . . . No.

V: Is He growing in my tummy like a baby? (OK, these are children of birthy person.)

Me: (slight panic) . . . No , watch this.

I breathe in and out really big.

Me: God is in us more like the air is in us. He’s in our thoughts; He’s a Spirit . . .

Yak, yak. . . . How does one explain it?

Anyway, kids are great!

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Russian site

I’m creating a Russian-language website to advertise my birth classes. You can check it out at rodivkieve.wordpress.com.

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Saturday we had a memorial service to honor these moms and their babies.

Our girls’ group (back of heads) sang several beautiful songs, and two girls read a poem. We had some group songs, Olya and I spoke briefly a few times.

This is the center table. It has some decor on , then small tea candles, one for each baby, the big white candle represents Christ. At one point during the service, each lady comes up, lays her white roses (representing her children) in the basket and lights the candles for her babies from Christ’s candle. Then she tells us their names and says something to us or to God if she wants.

Our pastor’s wife spoke from the passage  abut how our deeds will be shown for what  they are–wood, hay, straw will burn and gold, silver, precious stones will last. She comforted us with the thought that our unworthy deeds will be destroyed, they won’t be with us to regret all eternity. And we can build deeds that will last.

Was a special time.

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“The Character of God”

This is the longest lesson. And there’s a great reason it’s at the beginning because it gives ladies a foundation in understanding God to undergird them for the rest of the study.

When Claire, from England, taught  the introductory lesson for this chapter, she started by saying that for women who’ve had abortions, they usually see God as Judge, and it’s hard for them to see God as their Father.

This chapter takes them through several names of God–God who provides, God who heals, etc. Then through several of His main traits. Then the study addresses God as Father and His discipline.

Several ladies commented on how they were touched by learning that the purpose of God’s discipline is to produce righteousness and peace in us. Isn’t that a beautiful truth to comfort us?

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I was a little emotional that I would be leading this seminar during Skyla’s fifth birthday (July 31).

The girls so graciously and happliy parted with me on the 30th, and I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Vitaliy for fatherhood, for his love and work as a parent.

He took them to the beach that day. Then they bought party supplies, and the girls decorated one balcony–hats, favors, etc. They bought candy, a cake, etc.

The next day they celebrated, and they went out an bought Skyla a pink scooter–I’ll try to get a photo in here. She LOVES it.

Basically, they had a blast, and the girls didn’t miss me a bit. I probably felt sadder than anyone, but I’m glad Skyla had a great day!

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Leading these intense Bible studies is an amazing experience. I feel like we’re sitting there for these days, ladies studying their Bibles, going through their abortion experiences and the aftermath again, this time with God, and . . .

And I’m sitting there watch God grow fruit on them. Right before my eyes.

Fruits of exchanging God’s truth for lies, godly anger management in the place of bitterness and rage, forgiveness where there was unforgiveness, acknowledgement and repentence where there was ignorance, excuses, and hardness.

Truly, it’s watching God even visibly transform a person. It’s . . . indescribable.

More to come . . .

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