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Vitaliy is the #1 person in my life teaching, modeling, and inspiring me to live a godly life. He is, in the truest sense of the word, a “great” man of God. 


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hospitality for men

I confess, I often think of flowers, soft music, delicious food, smiles, and hosting when I think of hospitality, but I’ve been wondering lately if the Biblical idea of hospitality has those aspects at the forefront.

Well, maybe it does in some cases, you know? It shows hearts of openness, thoughtfulness, and care towards others, and it’s a pleasure to receive and be refreshed by such hospitality.

There are other forms of hospitality, of course, and I wanted to talk about that. When we were foster parents for our nephew for several months, I see that as a form of hospitality.

Our Center “Salvation” is also a form of hospitality; I like to call it “hospitality for men.” And I mean men being hospitable as Christ was–receiving friends, guests and strangers–in order to share the Gospel.

Christ’s hospitality comes through our rehab center in various ways–

  • providing clothing
  • providing showers
  • feeding and housing
  • cleaning fleas off of men
  • watching over them as they go through detox
  • taking them to doctors when needed
  • cleaning up their poop when they can’t make it to the toilet b/c the constant alcohol has deadened the nerves of that area
  • seeking to have a gentle, non-argumentative spirit but still enforcing the rules
  • accepting the danger of sleeping in the same room and sharing life with men who’ve been in prison, slept and lived in train stations and who knows where, and are still just as rough as they were then

So why would men do this for other men?

Hospitality in this instance is for sharing the Gospel and for the sake of the Gospel. To bring men to the Gospel.

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