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When I did that study of missionary funding a few months back, one change that God worked in my heart through His Word and the Holy Spirit was that I now pray with a sincere and clear heart for Him to supply our needs. I pray it much more often now. Not in a consuming way, but in a healthy way. (May God help me in keeping it trusting, too, because it’s all His grace, isn’t it?)

We do see God when we pray and get His answers. His answers have been surprising.

Part of praying for supply is praying how to give and be generous, too. I’m thankful that God’s given to us so we’ve been able to help with the crisis pregnancy center starting and with our new building at the rehab center. We give to our local church, helped our nephews go to a Christian camp. I’m very thankful that we can give–that is a blessing, a huge blessing, you know?

Paul said to the Ephesian elders:

I have not coveted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing. You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions.  In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”  (Act 20:33-35 NIV)

God has supplied for us by raising our monthly income with a few new supporting families.

And I just got an email today that our home church, which supports us very generously, just raised our monthly support another 250 dollars; they are doing this for several missionary families. What a wonderful testimony they are! May they know the fulness of God’s blessing on them.

It hit me (like a ton of bricks) last night that we only have 4 months til our visit to the States! Ack. Making my to-do list 🙂 Starting to pack stuff to put in storage.

I’m excited about this trip because God’s given me a special desire to go and minister to people. So many minister to us, and I want to focus on serving and ministering in any way God wants us to while we’re there.


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We have moved a lot. And we have various stuff-storage locations.

Last week I was in our basement cellar storage room in Ivankov, and I found some special things I’d stored away. Time to break them out.

My lovely Ukrainian mother-in-law does a lot of embroidery. She made us this as our kneeling cover for our wedding—it’s traditional for the bride and groom (Christian) to kneel and pray and be prayed over in weddings here–we did this in our wedding.

DSCN4517It’s now hanging in the corner of our entry room.

This is a verse she did and gave me. I have been wanting to get back around to doing cross stitch and calligraphy again, and now I have already her gift of years ago to hang.

DSCN4516(And I was craving for calligraphy markers, and I actually found some in that cellar!!!)

This is from my childhood. My mom made this pillow (and similar ones for my other siblings, I think). It’s already yellowing, but I’m going to keep it in my display cabinet now.

DSCN4519Special and timely. Gifts from these wonderful mothers in my life, and now gifts from God for preserving them and helping me find them right now when I was wanting such things to put up.

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I’m a romantic at heart. I think it would be neat to have a little garden, some goats, chickens, ….


ha ha  ha ha ha

I’m peeling off the “romance” ideas the longer I live …

So Center “Salvation” has a pretty big garden, several goats, fruit trees, chickens. I enjoy going there for a few hours every so often. Sheesh, I felt like a tourist, clicking photos of these sweet scenes …


i raised my hand to wave to the photo

i raised my hand to wave to the photo

the last rabbit

the last rabbit

this guy in the center is great at gardening

this guy in the center is great at gardening

i never knew that this is what a potato plant looks like---and they actually flower, too!

i never knew that this is what a potato plant looks like—and they actually flower, too!

garden talk

garden talk

anyway, my romance …

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I feel like I need to write this in some momentous way because it really is a huge thing for me.

I confess, I have (let me run to the theausarus…) pain, stress, disquiet, dread, agony, panic, terror, apprehension …

toward meal preparation.

There actually are some aspects of cooking I enjoy. But relentless meal preparation just kills me.

And add onto that, the yrs I was single, I was vegetarian/vegan and lived in the U.S., well, boy howdy. Things are different now. I eat swine flesh. I eat swine fat. I now know what buckwheat is. And semolina.


So, for a while, several years, I’ve toyed with the idea of going to cooking school. I enjoy cooking and baking a lot more when I’m actually learning the art and science of it, not just reading a recipe.

And since I’ve put midwifery studies and birth on pause for a bit, I have the energy and time to devote to this. And Skyla’s been asking to take a cooking class.

So I signed up for smartkitchen.com. The first week is free, then it’s 10 dollars/month. I’ve watched a lot today and wow, all that I have learned!!! How to cut various vegetables, to sharpen my knives regularly, carrot peeling technique, how to peel an onion easily, how to clean my wooden cutting board, and on and on. It’s so interesting!

So, there’s my announcement of the century.

I have to prepare a lot of meals, so I’m going to learn how, so I can enjoy it and not dread it.

Pro’lly more to come on this. With fotos.

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DSCN4510there’s some big children’s thing going on at the expo center where we ride, and they had painted these usually-metal-soviet-looking statues in these bright colors:


DSCN4509here’s some cappuchino art–and remember, you can make fabulous homemade milk/foamy stuff by heating up some milk and mashing it in the french press a while. The girls enjoy the leftover foam/milk.


Vitaliy bought an incubator and incubated and hatched some eggs to grow them as meat for the center. Here we are checking how the eggs/chicks are growing.


27 out of 40 hatched.



DSCN4503Skyla’s been collecting bugs to feed them:


the sign on the jar says something like “flies … dont’ touch”



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no pictures do it all justice, of course, but I’ll post them anyway!

Here is the main little house–curtain hanging with open door. In the background is the new building, and on the left are various small shed/garage-type things that house tools, wood, animals.


the gardens, etc. so pretty-looking–the men make it look so nice!




The new building, still under construction …

DSCN4407second-floor construction …


DSCN4406I’ll post more pictures later!

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men praying

DSCN4366Two rehab guys are going on a rafting trip/weekend, and on the way, they’re going to ride the electric train for two days and witness to people about God’s wonderful plan of saving us from our sin-induced separation from Him and how we can come back into having a family relationship with God.

DSCN4367Praying men.

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