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We need to raise more support.

We should raise more support.

We ought to raise more support.

How to say it? I struggle with statements about raising support, can you tell? Like, I have a hard time with the term “undersupported.” I mean, wow, does God ever undersupport any of His children? I think not.

We are raising more support. And this time, God is doing in a way that I am being open and speaking out my confusion, my angst, my misunderstandings about all of this, working myself into a clear place with Him about this whole issue because it’s most likely for a lifetime and most likely the job of Yours Truly.  And believe me, since I’ve started talking about this (in a safe place), I think that most of us have the same questions I have and wrestle with the same things I do.

A person wrote something that just gave me a flash of insight:

Are you motivated by accumulating stuff that distracts you from your work?  Or are you looking to have enough money that you’re not distracted from your work by fear and worry over finances?

You see, I think I need to become temperate about our income. I have this leaning towards asceticism (“extreme self-denial and austerity“) in this issue. I tend to deny myself the liberty to raise a healthy income to the extent that I wear myself down because of it.

So, to become more temperate (not from the extravagant side but from the severity side), we’re fundraising.

I’m so thankful for this understanding. This clarity.

And as I learned the last time I started working through this issue: Our spiritual riches of the fruit of our ministries here are yours for the sharing.


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choosing the harder prayer

i’ve been reading and re-reading the Gospel of John, and today i was struck by Jesus’ words:

Now my soul is deeply troubled. Should I pray, ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But this is the very reason I came!  Father, bring glory to your name.”  12:27-28

Jesus lets us see into His prayer life—into His mind.

He examines the easy thing He could pray–“Father, save me from this hour.”

And oh my, how many times have I prayed like that???

“Just let me detour the pain, please, God. Hurting like this can’t be Your will for me.”

Does it even occur to me that there is another way?

He chooses the right thing to pray. …. He knows the Father’s will, the Eternal Plan. And He prays for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

He prayed the harder prayer.

The right prayer. The God’s-plan-, God’s-glory-, God’s-will-fulfilled prayer.

And this is the Man I follow.

Jesus, teaching me how to pray.

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i love the age S and V are now. they love to do crafts, and they can handle doing a lot by themselves. they are endlessly creative with simple things. they want everything to be special.

i found these photos today:

Vika in 2010

Vika in 2010

Skyla and Vika in 2010

Skyla and Vika in 2010

i love family

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