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He’s so cute and squishy, it kills me šŸ™‚ I just swoon all over my little guy!

OK, finances.

We are missionaries supported by churches and people. In recent months, God’s been making it clear that we need to raise more support, and He’s been doing little things to guide me in how to do this.

First, I knew I needed a few good pray-ers. So, I have a small group of ladies praying for us for the next 2 years.

Next, I started thinking about those who already are supporting us, and I realized that I wanted to feel more connected to and dependent upon them. So I started sending out short weekly updates to them. The churches that support us get our newsletters (with photos) that I send out about every 3 months. (Monthly is my ideal, but it is too much for me right now!)

Next, God worked in my heart, clearing away cynical and resentful thoughts about the current deputation system that independent missionaries go through. I realized this was a barrier for me for receivingĀ God’s love and blessings through His people. So, while the current deputation system is very expensive, sales-ish,Ā and generally clunky, no system is perfect and God will meet me in the system I am in (whew!) šŸ™‚

Raising support is a job that only God can do, and it has been encouraging watching Him lead the process.

The new funds we need to raise now is about half ministry and half living expenses. If you have specific questions, please ask me. We are most in need of regular, monthly support.

working on the new building

For those of you reading this blog, I have a request. Please pray at least once for us that God will supply our needs in increasing our monthly support.

I, and others, are praying that God will guide those He wants to support us. Please consider supporting us. If a lifetime is too unboundaried a commitment for you to make, maybe you would like to support us for a year or two. We have done that for other missionaries who asked us to support them for a year.

Monthly checks, automatic withdrawal from your bank, paypal; we are flexible and living in the e-centuryĀ . . . please let us know what is easiest for you. When I have your email, you’ll be getting regular small updates from us about what the Lord is doing here. You can contact us on FaceBook or at vasokol@rambler.ru.

Our mission agency is TITUS Internataional: 1515 McBrien Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37412.

where we are, where we’re going

The ministry here with addicts reaches a lot of lives. Addictions like smoking, alcohol, and drugsĀ touch almost every life in Ukraine in some way or another. In our rehab center men are coming to the Lord, being discipled, and becoming leaders. They are evangelizing others. It’s a ripe fieldĀ here.

Servants of the church . . . fellowship in the gospel. . . . would you like to join our community of love andĀ harvest with us?


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“But deliver us from evil.”

I was tempted today to become bitter and angry with my husband. . . . . (Maybe with God, really?)

Vitaliy left Sunday to the rehab center (our village house), and said he’d be back briefly on Thursday before leaving again Friday for the big workday Saturday to finish laying the roof on the new building going up there.

Today is Thursday. Last night, I was starting to feel really stretched out emotionally and stuff with the single parenting. And I called V this morning to see when he’d be back. . . .


. . . . “There’s just too much work to do here.”

And I wanted to be angry. I wanted to be bitter.

I wanted to shut him out.

To not answer the phone when he called again. To not be sociable when he finally got home . . .

And so the mental conversation started . . .

From my journal:

Jesus, will you please pray for me not to be angry or bitter that V is gone this whole week? . . .

I want to be angry, but oh God, you’ve brought me so far! There should be no place for selfish anger and resentment in a person set aside for Your use. My sinful inclination is to become senseless and ignorant, like an animal. [“Then I was senseless and ignorant; I was like a beast before Thee.”(Ps 73:22)]

Oh Lord, if I can die to myself–to welcome his calls with joy and not resentment, to welcome his coming and going, to give up my rights to him as a husband and father[–how easy then it will be to die physically and go to heaven later.]

Yevegenie Rodoslavov’s wife wasĀ  left alone for years with their many children as he preached underground during Communism, and he would warn her–Don’t give in to self-pity. . . . Those are words for me now.

. . . . Lord, if I’m not to enter the evil, what’s the virtue to learn here? . . . .

Loyalty. To V, to You, to my kids.

I confess, that prayer didn’t cure me all the way. . . . But God is so merciful. He helped me. Later, Vitaliy called, so tender,Ā and said I should hire a babysitter so I could get out. . . . And just that even helped release me from the temptation.

Thank you, sweet Jesus. How happy You were to do Your Father’s will, to give up Your rights inĀ orderĀ to serve and bless us. . . . . You are beautiful to behold. Transform me into Your likeness, please.

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