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mothers . . . . young & vulnerable mothers. . . .

I became a mom at 29. I remember how I was at 18, so impressionable, so wanting to find some cause, some weird thing to cling to and believe other than simply following Christ. I was earnest about following Christ. But i was open to getting into really weird ideas, too. . . . So at 29, new wife, new motherhood . . . I read a lot, felt guilty a lot, wrote lists and lists of how I was going to change myself and who I needed to be and what I needed to do . . .

I’m a reader, it’s how I learn, communicate, etc. And after a while, I realized that even good Christians (or famous, popular writers) could be wrong. That I had to read with discernment, not buy into the whole program but glean and ponder and evaluate and judge and compare to Scripture. To be honest and discerning about letting Scripture guide me. Discernment can be learned! And in the information age, we need a heap of it.

Anyway, I’m saying all that so say that Karen Campbell has a great series for us moms; she has such a good perspective. It’s easy for us to be swayed by “good looking” information, methods, etc. But get your microscope out. She applies this to homeschooling conventions, but it can apply to any motherhood/wifehood area.

Homeschooling conventions and your relationship with Jesus

Hs conventions and your sense of reality

Hs conventions and your contentment with your husband


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A wonderful sermon about Christian parenting (and spanking). Be careful how you spank!  Be careful how you play your parent cards . . .

Please take time to listen!

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We don’t live in a culture of vows, more like the OT Jews did. Most of us make one vow during our lifetimes, and that is at marriage.

I hope I fulfill my vows better and better. I know I don’t fulfill them perfectly, but I’m so glad they are the foundation of our life together.

I, Anne, take you Vitaliy, to be my lawfully wedded husband . . .  

to have and to hold from this day forward . . .  

for better or for worse . . .

for richer, for poorer . . . in sickness and in health . . .

to love and to cherish . . .

from this day forward . . .

until death do us part.

This reminds me of our wedding. As I walked down the aisle to meet Vitaliy, the audience (and we) sang “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name:”

All hail the power of Jesus’ Name! Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all.
Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all.

Let every tribe and every tongue before Him prostrate fall
And shout in universal song the crownèd Lord of all.
And shout in universal song the crownèd Lord of all.

O that, with yonder sacred throng, we at His feet may fall,
Join in the everlasting song, and crown Him Lord of all,
Join in the everlasting song, and crown Him Lord of all!


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me today

Vitaliy was testing out a new camera our elder pastor asked him to purchase, so this is me today. Not flattering, but who’s into flattery? This is me:

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Hungary legalizes mothers’ right to home delivery

by Ágnes Vinkovits

Saturday 10:10, March 5th, 2011

A long-awaited detailed regulation on home birth allows women to decide where they want to give birth as long as the baby is not in danger and so does not need a hospital environment.

According to government spokeswoman Anna Nagy, the regulation, that comes into effect on April 1 and will affect births after May 1, lays down all the duties, responsibilities and competencies of those assisting homebirths. Professionals helping baby deliveries outside hospitals have to have the required qualification as well as a license from public health and medical officer service ÁNTSz.

They have to be a professional obstetricians or midwives with labor room experience exceeding two years and registered assistance at minimum 50 births. Mothers who want to give birth in a non-hospital environment have to choose the health supplier and the professionals to assist at the delivery by the 36th week of the pregnancy. The selected professionals have to be contracted with the given health supplier.

Also, mothers have to declare in advance that if the leading birth assistant or the pediatrician finds that hospitalization is necessary, they will accept it without opposition. At this point, the infant’s right to life comes before the mother’s right to autonomy.

The current regulation has been created with the contribution of the association of mother, child and public health nurses MAVE, Születésház Association, foundation for alternative birth Alternal, hospital association MKSz, the ambulance service and also human liberties association TASz.

The detailed regulation is seen putting an end to a long struggle of women wishing to give birth outside hospitals and also of those professionals helping these mothers. Due to homebirths having been so unregulated so far, an internationally recognized home birth expert Ágnes Geréb was arrested for helping a pregnant woman who unexpectedly went into labor during a birth training course. At that time, Geréb was prohibited from practicing due to a former incident that ended up in the death of a baby. After Geréb was taken in custody last October, her supporters held numerous demonstrations for her release and also for a clear regulation on home birth.

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I had an insight a few days ago about this topic.

Let me back up and lay the foundation. . . . Sometimes we talk to unbelievers who accuse God. They say, why does He allow sin and suffering . . .  yada, yada.

Sometimes I am tempted to be angry with God because of something I think I really need or really want that God does not give me, some source of pain.

And I realized a few days ago why this is.

It’s because God didn’t hide Himself from us. He didn’t hide that He is perfectly good, perfectly in control, perferctly righteous, perfect love. He openly tells us these things repeatedly.

Therefore, we expect Him to make the world (in general) and my world (in particular) right, as He is right.

But He doesn’t. So here we are, and we have a God who we don’t just shrug off His actions like a corrupt politician. We don’t just say, “oh, you allowed my child to die, you allowed me not to have kids, well, what can you expect from such a self-serving, disinterested God who only cares about himself.” That’s how we pacify ourselves with the actions of the wicked.  

But not with God. We rather say, “God, how can you create in me expectations of love and happpiness and joy and righteousnes plus the fact that you have ALL POWER to do these things . . . and then you don’t do/fulfill them?!?!”

There’s something really big we are missing about God and His actions to us. And to be honest, I dont’ have the insight-answer all the way yet. Maybe God will give it to me this afternoon 😀 And I’ll be sure to type it out here.

But I think there’s something we need to understand about living in a sinful world with a perfect, all-powerful God.

I will give you a very personal example. We have relatively little support. It actually is rather stressful to live from month to month. Probably not as stressful as for Ukrainians, but it’s definitely something that I am often sinful in worrying about. And I get angry at God about it too sometimes. We have done SO MUCH to raise support. And it very rarely pans out with income. “Why, God, if it is so easy for you to do, do you not do it?”

I don’t know why He doesn’t do it. . . . And I can’t just shrug it off that he doesn’t really care about me, that he is busy with other interests, that he’s taking away money from me to build himself another dacha along the Dniepr River.

God has not hidden Himself or His motives from me. I know He is still perfectly good, perfectly loves me, and this is for His glory. He has perfect reasons why He is orchestrating this. It all perfectly works together for my good, making me like Christ. There is a purpose; it’s not just a random situation.

Anyway, this is as far as I’ve gotten for now.

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One of my optional orientation assignments was to buy a frame for my future graduation certificate and put an inspiring quote in it. So this is what I did:

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