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I got mail!

My darling Vika made me a letter:

the envelope

the envelope

and inside:

mommy & Vika

mommy & Vika

"mama I love [you]"

“mama I love [you]”

notice she has on heels. V loves heels.

notice she has on heels. V loves heels.





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I was asked to be chairman of the board of directors for the crisis pregnancy center we’re starting.

we met for 3 and a 1/2 hours—our first meeting. And we got a lot done, tasks assigned, fundraising ideas put in place, prayer and worship.

DSCN3922I’m thankful for how God has helped me hear and speak russian so freely. I make tons of grammar mistakes, but they all know what I’m saying 😀

We had a good meeting. Thankful to God.

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cappuchino love

DSCN3917in the stroller holder

cappuchino love: we did a little date with the kids, to the playground

DSCN3919it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

but that’s the loveliness of being bonded by vows.


got my head in this time

got my head in this time




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the red fruits

yes, it’s the juicy, red season–strawberries and cherries for starters.

A loves them!

DSCN3912I read a post about all kinds of homemade popsicles, so i bought some ice form-things that had some kind of stick in them. and we made strawberry-yogurt popsicles.

DSCN3901DSCN3904we all enjoyed them.

DSCN3902these coffee-cream-vanilla ones are in guitar shapes–still freezing.

DSCN3914the cool daze of summer







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how we do math

this is going to be a shameless plug for Life of Fred, but I will say that maybe it won’t work for everyone. I don’t know. My kids and I love it!

DSCN3884Life of Fred is an entire math program written as the story of a little guy named Fred.

DSCN3887The short story-chapters have a “Your turn to play” section at the end where the kids answer a few questions–they love this part, too.

I mention this because it is really something when I can find something that all three of us enjoy–Skyla likes it, Vika likes it, I like it. THEY ASK ME TO DO “FRED” EVERY DAY.

DSCN3889The man who wrote them is a Christian. The stories include history, humor, health (teaching why sugar is bad, for example), science (we’ve learned about deciduous and evergreen trees, about herbivores and carnivores), and much more.

WE LOVE “LIFE OF FRED.” They are not expensive, are very well-made, and you don’t write in the book, so they re-use over and over and over. We’ve done the first book twice already and it’s recommended to repeat them, and the kids love it.

Did I mention that we love “Life of Fred”???

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last Sunday we had a small baptism.

DSC_3789Vitaliy praying afterwards.



we sang some songs


family and friends


DSC_3799gifts, food, well-wishes, prayer

DSC_3787DSC_3836Special day.




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Harmony is the name of our singles group. I spoke to the ladies a few weeks back. This is Luda and I. Luda met her husband through Harmony, they married, joined our church, and they were asked to be the leaders of this ministry. I love these people!


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