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I was reminded of this song tonight, and it’s given me insight into how God would want me to act in this situation (helping some orphans). (This song makes me cry.)

I translated the words below for my English readers. It’s based mainly on Matthew 25:31-46.

And I want to explain, for my readers who don’t yet know the Gospel, that this song and the portions of the Bible being quoted, are not saying that we do good works in order to enter heaven. There is no way any kopyeka of a good work we do would be worthy of God’s standards of goodness. Only Jesus Christ’s goodness is worthy of God’s acceptance.

What is being said is this: When I (or you) have trusted in Christ alone for salvation goodness, then we live as Christ’s followers: As He served on the earth, so we serve—He serves through us. …. So I repeat: Our good works have nothing to do with earning our righteous standing before God. They are the outworking of being righteous already because we stand in Christ. (If that is confusing, please ask me about it.)

Now, how did this song help me decide what to do about these orphans? I will continue to pursue helping them, and if God has someone else to provide for them, He will easily bring that about. If we are His answer, then, praise You, Lord, too, for that.

Звезды потускнеют,
Небо свернется рулоном,
Силы сильных ослабеют –
И все предстанут пред Его престолом.

И Он взойдет как Солнце Правды,
Засияет над землею,
К кому-то станет Он лицом и даст награду,
А к кому-то станет Он спиною…

И тогда они заплачут горько,
И слезы побегут рекою –
Почему, Господь, Ты не со мною,
Почему стоишь ко мне спиною?

И Он ответит: – А ну-ка вспомни,
Когда в двери Я твои стучался…
Помнишь, ты стоял ко Мне спиною,
Хоть и знал, что Я в тебе нуждался.

Ты воскликнешь в стенаньи горьком:
– Покажи, когда ты в дверь стучался,
Скажи, когда Ты, Бог, во мне нуждался,
Но оказался я тогда холодным?

– Я был ребенком, просящим хлеба,
Я был избитым и стонал от боли,
Но мимо ты прошел, смотря на небо,
Посыпая мои раны солью.

Но те, кому Я раздаю награды,
Услышав плачь, пришли на помощь,
Исцеленью моему были рады,
Ожидая, что и Я их вспомню.

И войдут они в познанье Бога,
И в одно большое наслажденье,
А другие не заплатят своего долга,
Хоть и вечно будут жить в мученьях.

Звезды мира потускнеют,
Небо свернется рулоном,
Силы сильных ослабеют –
И все предстанут пред Его престолом.

И Он взойдет как Солнце Правды,
Засияет над землею,
К кому-то станет Он лицом и даст награду,
А к кому-то станет Он спиною.

The stars are fading, The skies roll back The strong become weak—And all appear before His throne.


And He rises, like the Sun of Righteousness, Shining over the earth; To some, He faces and gives rewards, But to others, He turns His back …


And then they weep bitterly, And rivers of tears flow—Why, Lord, are you not with me? Why do you turn Your back on me?

And He answers—Come, let’s remember, When I stood at your door and knocked…Remember, you turned your back on me, Why, you even knew that I was in need of you.

You exclaim with bitter groaning: Show me, when You knocked at my door, Tell me, when You, God, needed me, But I was indifferent.


–I was a child, asking bread, I was beat up, moaning in pain, But you walked by me, looking at the sky, Putting salt in my wounds.


But to those to whom I’m giving rewards, They heard My cry, and came to help, They rejoiced at my healing, Expecting that I would remember them.

And they will come into the knowledge of God, And into great pleasure, But the others will pay their debt, Even eternally living in torture.

Earth’s stars are fading, The skies roll back, The strong become weak, And all stand before His throne.

And He rises like the Sun of Righteousness, Shining over the earth; To some, He faces and gives rewards, But to others, He turns His back …


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even when it doesn’t involve me? when it doens’t involve me being a sacrificial heroine?

There are two older orphans who need a place to live, a transition place into independent life. A friend let me know of the need.

I wake up today with them on my mind, their sweet names in my thoughts and prayers.

We talked about taking them. I’ve mentally gone over and over the documents and details, the time frame of our trip to the U.S., other options available that we know about.

I’m ready to stop life to “save” them. To move heaven and earth. My maternal instincts are up, I’m ready to have 5 kids. …

But there is a check in my spirit. And I know myself too well to act on these impulses, noble as they are. They are good, but still how filled with my own glory and energy. God has to clean me out.

To know that living for His kingdom doesn’t mean I contribute something great—it means the Kingdom is the only great thing worth living for. That my life doesn’t give honor to God’s Kingdom–His Kingdom is the only honorable thing going that I can join in on.

I was praying tonight, asking God to make me clear and pure, single, united to him, and out spilled the words:

that I could give up the orphan idea as easily as I could do it. That only Your will be my will.

Can I be so filled with His Spirit, that I am content with His will alone, especially when it’s the setting aside of my sacrificial and “great” plans to save someone?

This is one Christ-like humility I accept.

To pray the will of God for these orphans, when it doesn’t involve *my* glory.

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a touchy topic

I love women. I love defending women. I love serving them. Being with women during birth is one way I do this. I love being strong for women when they are in a vulnerable time, and pregnancy and childbirth are vulnerable times.

Another way I am with women is by co-facilitating a post-abortion Bible study. It’s emotionally hard, very hard, to do these; we cry buckets of tears.

But the more I do these Bible studies, the more I listen to and cry with these women, re-live their lives and decisions, hurt over those in each woman’s life who abaondoned and rejected when he or she should’ve been faithful and responsible ….

The more I listen and feel and take part in all this, the more I hate abortion.

I want to talk especially about offering abortion where a woman is in debilitating, unfair circumstances–like impregnated by rape, or with a husband who refuses to take responsibility for family planning. The more I come to hate what God hates and love what He loves, the more I am convinced that even in these circumstances–and maybe I would say especially in these circumstances–abortion should not be on the table of options. It is a cruel, demeaning “choice” to give a woman…..

It’s almost inexplicable why that is so.

At the moment of decision, in the pressure of circumstances, it seems “logical.”So very logical.

But is it rather cruelty in the guise of compassion?

I love women. The more I love them, the more I hate this “option.” It’s a destructive option, though we’ve painted it to be a right, a choice, a freedom. It should not be portrayed in those lying terms.

I love women. I hate the contention involved in this topic but I love women enough to open my mouth and say, I do not agree with doing this to you, to me; there are better options for us.

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working on the new building

working on the new building

Seeing God and His nearness in what He provides–we’re building a new building at the center, and we need money for the roof right now:

  • 400 dollars from doula clients–donating all to rehab center roof project
  • 100 from FaceBook friends for roof
  • we’re donating our Ukrainain car to a guy in exchange for him heading up the roof project
  • money from English teaching
  • regular offerings from our church

wood for frame is purchased!

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9 years!

March 6.

a picture from this year

a picture from this year

So we forgot, again. It’s becoming a new tradition!

DSCN3452 DSCN3445So we went out to chat yesterday, and I asked if there was anything we wanted to improve about our marriage.



We’re both very happy with the status quo 🙂

Or we’re just both very happy with God and so it’s all just happy?!

Anyway, so that was our 9-year check-up.


I like being married more and more.

DSCN3328 DSCN3370 DSCN3440 DSCN3456

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The two political/legal battles we need to be fighting are:

  1. The right of the people to choose their own health care (be it chiropractic, midwifery, craniosacral therapy, a naturopath, homeopathic, or an allopathic MD)
  2. The right of practitioners to offer and practice their skills without threat of arrest for “practicing medicine.”

I will weave a discussion of these two points in with further examination of licensure flaws.

Licensing works on the presumption that the state is trying to serve the public by protecting them from harmful practitioners through licensing.

But what really happens, and what has happened to the American public, is that the state suppresses their choices. The state suppresses your choices.

I will give you one example of this: We all know there is “no cure” for Hepatitis C.

But did you know that this is only true in the allopathic system of medicine? The statement should read: “Allopathic medicine has no cure for Hepatitis C.”

Did you know that there actually are cures for Hep C? It’s just that you are being stopped from knowing about them and having access to them. Why? Because the allopathic system (the American Medical Association) “owns,” by law, the right to “practice medicine,” and they don’t offer the cures. And they want you to have knowledge about and access to only their pitiful drug options.

So … Has the state protected you through the licensing system? … Or have they killed you?

Are the licensing laws working to protect you? Or are they harming you by suppressing other practitioners’ freedom to practice certain health arts and your right to freely choose them without fear of your practitioner being arrested and charged for helping you?

This is not just about midwifery. It encompasses midwifery, especially the true, non-allopathic-based practice of midwifery.

“If the midwifery movement is lured by the apparent short term benefits of licensing, it will, in the long run, sacrifice its independence, its identity, an creativity, and people’s freedom of choice” (Solares, Compulsory Hospitalization, vol. 2, p. 400)

In the late 1800s, [Dr. Benjamin] Rush’s fears came true when the exclusive licensing of one system of healing—allopathy—established State Medicine. … State control in either religion or medicine leads to intolerable abuses of our basic human rights. It is a fundamental human right to make decisions about what is right for your body and soul, and to be free from the interference of self-interested, competitive groups, especially in religion and its historical cousin, the healing arts. (Solares, p. 403)

So, our goals ought to be (Solares, 403-404):

  • “A constitutional amendment extending the Bill of Rights to include ‘freedom of choice in health care.’” “… the government has no business licensing any kind of healing art.”
  • Rewriting practice of medicine laws—i.e., narrowing down the legal definition of “practice of medicine”

Let’s talk about the legal definition of “practice of medicine.”

Solares cites an early medical practice act (MPA) definition of “medical practice” to be people who use drugs, performed surgery, or claimed to be doctors. … Great.

Today? Here’s a more current definition Solares cites; Medical practice is [emphases by this blog’s author]

Any person who practices … any system or mode of treating the sick or afflicted, or who diagnoses, treats, operates for, or prescribes for any ailment, blemish, deformity, disease, disfigurement, disorder, injury or other mental or physical condition [includes pregnancy in most/many states] of any person…

I thought of this definition of practicing medicine as I put olive oil drops in my daughter’s earaching ear. It’s truly a strangle-hold on your freedom and mine. And if I call an experienced mom, or even my sister, and ask about my daughter’s symptoms and possible treatments, she could be arrested for answering my questions? For diagnosing, treating … ??? Hello????

Solares points out: “Consequently almost any act relating to health or pathology could be interpreted as violating the medical practice act. More particularly, there is a substantial danger that any movement or method which challenges orthodox standards will be selectively suppressed” (p. 404) … Remember what I said about Hep C cures? … Selectively suppressed.

So stop and think. See what is happening already as midwifery becomes licensed. What have they given up? Compromised? “Selectively suppressed”? In order to practice legally?

It’s disgraceful. As a mom, if I used a licensed midwife, my health care options are limited to the midwife’s licensure laws. It has very little to do with my personal health and well-being. Her hopefully skillful hands are tied when she ought to be free to practice her art to my benefit.

Is this really the system we want midwifery crushed and deformed into? Over time, that’s what will happen. It’s what is already happening.

So to recap: One of our battles that Solares spells out is that we need to write laws that redefine “medical practice” as being limited to allopathic practice (i.e., using drugs and surgery to treat pathology, calling oneself a medical doctor).

So there’s one good, political battle for you to invest your time, energy, reputation into. A much better battle than mandatory licensure, for sure.

And second, don’t forget that Bill of Rights amendment—freedom of choice in health care.

You see? They go together. In order for us to have freedom of choice, practitioners must have freedom to practice without fear of arrest for breaking “practice of medicine” laws.

And yes, protect consumers through fraud and criminal assault laws, but don’t limit their choices by mandatory licensure.

🙂 More, more, more to come!

Midwifery will succeed only if we see that the attainment of freedom of choice is synonymous with our survival. ~Allen Star Solares

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we enjoy supporting each other!

we enjoy supporting each other!

And we love supporting expecting families 🙂

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