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I love that I hung these decorations across the kitchen window. It’s so homey to me, I can switch around what I clip up there, it’s cheap/free, and it’s portable (since we rent).

The wedding bell in the center is because March is our anniversary month!


I also crossed a big hurdle today: cleaning the girls’ room. We went through and purged, sorted, stored the toy box, threw away a bunch of stuff-we-are-done-with. It wasn’t anything major, but for that room, it was a good thing to do. I still need to go through and make a complete list of jobs that will pretty entirely clean that room (like wiping doors down). I also noted that the girls don’t have great clothes-keeping places, so I might tuck that in the back of my mind for a nice purchase if we see something like a dresser.

Onward ho!


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I think sometimes pretty deeply about the ramifications of being pro-life. I mean, so many people are really, really worried about population control, the earth’s resources, inequality ….

These people think a lot about these issues. All the ink and cyberspace committed to these problematic issues.  The mega-money. The government policies. Birth control. Abortion. Oh. My. Word.

People are so worried about this. And the issues are real. …. But the proposed answers?

I began to think about this as we visited churches that support us. We drove by miles and miles and miles (and miles, and miles) of unused, beautiful earth. Why does no one talk about this? Why does no one envision life?

And I think: How does God think about this? Did He really create such an inadequate earth? It would be so easy for Him to stop creating souls, stop allowing children to be born. But He doesn’t stop!  … What amazing inventions have been hidden from us, undiscovered, because we approach this issue with a crisis, impoverished mentality?

Could we not … dare to imagine a world where we are all committed to welcoming new life? What would we invent? What would we create? What relationships would be forged? How would we be changed and challenged as nations if we committed ourselves to creating policies, committed ourselves to finding solutions for everyone, committed ourselves to stewarding and sharing the resources of this amazing earth?

So I’m just putting this out there, especially for the young. Maybe God wants you to dream, to invent, to create— to reveal to the world His welcoming and providing heart that accepts all the new lives He creates in and through us.

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I’m hoping we more intentionally develop our creative, artistic family atoms in the upcoming years. Here’s a little start:

Andre displays his recent marker and paint drawings on the frig.


Vika is using playdoh to create pancakes (with a cherry on top) and a hot dog.

IMG_7273 IMG_7274

28 pancakes!

IMG_7278 IMG_7280

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Sometime around 2012, God was impressing me that I need to develop my prayer time with Him. So I was open to various ways He might lead me into that, and one thing that I found (that has really helped) is this prayer journal.

This is my third journal. I’ve done, re-done, tried various things, and this is the current version.

Found this hardcover notebook with 5 sections of colored pages. It’s A4 size (that’s close to 8.5 x 11).


Used this fabric that I love and some tacky glue I had on hand. Skyla held Una while I ironed, cut, measured, etc.



Here’s the current finished version. I might add a verse to the front.


I’ll post about the inside sometime soon, maybe…

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i think all this blogging has gotten a lot of ordinary people into photography. and photoshop.

I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I did figure out the little flower-image on our camera, for micro-shots, or something. I liked these photos in particular, from our last outing to the near-by Expo Center.


a lovely flower-design:


I really like this shot–it would make a good romance card:


this was a neat perspective:DSCN3969… I think I’ll use that flower-option more …


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moolah experiment

Vitaliy and I are doing an experiment about trying to save as much money as we really can (without going crazy), and he’s really helping me adjust to not relying on certain money-spending activities I am used to.

Like going out for a coffee so I can sit for a few hours and read almost every day. In Ukraine, this costs about $1-$2, which still adds up, but here it costs $4-$8. So instead of going out, he has me go upstairs with my books and tea and he’ll guard the stairway so the girls don’t come and talk to me for a while, and I read my Bible, write letters, etc.

It’s great for family time, too. We went down to Coolidge Park that has water fountains that kids play in and dinged around there and only spent $1.75 on parking.

It’s working. We’re trying to cut corners in other ways, too. Like we went to the indoor flea market where they sell outdated foods, and bought stuff there. And he shows me other little ways to save here and there. God is helping us because  a man at the church we were at last night gave us a bunch of free meals at his fast food restaurant, and my friend gave us a gift card for gas.

Anyway, we’re trying this for a while to see if we can handle it emotionally (ok, that’s me; it’s like N.O. buying out almost entirely), and I’m actually enjoying it, like seeing how things I wanted I once filled by spending money, now filling them some other way that doesn’t require spending money.

It’s very stretching 🙂

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Tomorrow, I will try to do this post more justice with better photos, but this is what I have for now:

on sale for at least 50% off, I got these awesome boots for $50--they're worth about three times that really

Tomorrow I will photograph also the boots i’ve been wearing for the last 7 years 🙂

if you click on the link to Ruffles and Stuff, you’ll find the instructions for making this hat from an old sweater–and that’s what I just did–it was easy!

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