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I think sometimes pretty deeply about the ramifications of being pro-life. I mean, so many people are really, really worried about population control, the earth’s resources, inequality ….

These people think a lot about these issues. All the ink and cyberspace committed to these problematic issues.  The mega-money. The government policies. Birth control. Abortion. Oh. My. Word.

People are so worried about this. And the issues are real. …. But the proposed answers?

I began to think about this as we visited churches that support us. We drove by miles and miles and miles (and miles, and miles) of unused, beautiful earth. Why does no one talk about this? Why does no one envision life?

And I think: How does God think about this? Did He really create such an inadequate earth? It would be so easy for Him to stop creating souls, stop allowing children to be born. But He doesn’t stop!  … What amazing inventions have been hidden from us, undiscovered, because we approach this issue with a crisis, impoverished mentality?

Could we not … dare to imagine a world where we are all committed to welcoming new life? What would we invent? What would we create? What relationships would be forged? How would we be changed and challenged as nations if we committed ourselves to creating policies, committed ourselves to finding solutions for everyone, committed ourselves to stewarding and sharing the resources of this amazing earth?

So I’m just putting this out there, especially for the young. Maybe God wants you to dream, to invent, to create— to reveal to the world His welcoming and providing heart that accepts all the new lives He creates in and through us.


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OK, I’m not pregnant right now. But I want to say something.

I’m in a church with a lot of young couples, and you know what? After the first baby happiness, it’s a lot harder with number 2 and number 3 and ….

I have watched these young women, and I have determined to be the safe place. I want our church to be their safe place.

One gal got pregnant with her second baby, and her mother was so angry with her because she would not abort the baby. This is one of the most common things I hear.

And doctors … oh, it’s number 2 … a little too close to your first pregnancy? An abortion? ….

It’s actually life threatening to be a 2nd, 3rd, 4th baby.

Unexpectedly pregnant with number three? How would you like your mom’s request that this really. really. be the last shadowing your pregnancy?

I’ve determined to be the safe place. You tell me your pregnant? I will say “Congratulations!” with a huge smile. And I will mean it. I will be happy for you.

Because that baby is your inheritance, your reward in this life, from God.

Be the safe place for that mom and baby.

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I was at a pro-life conference in Mukachevo, Ukraine, a few years back, and the speaker, a leader in this pro-life organization, made a comment about our words also being life-giving.

He, and his organization, broaden the “pro-life” phrase to mean being pro life in all of life, in our words, our actions, our passions, etc.

I love pondering this. I have been mulling it over for years.

It’s so amazing the power of life and death God has put into our care and stewardship. (And I say this, acknowledging that God is all-sovereign over us all and all that happens.)

The idea of being a giver of life is much broader than just carrying a baby.

Proverbs talks about our words having the ability to be life or death. We can also kill physically or even with our anger.

It’s a life-long challenge. Will my attitudes be life-giving? My words? My actions and decisions? Having the power of life and death coming forth from us constantly is a deep well of truth and power to pore over, to drink from and live by.

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I was asked to be chairman of the board of directors for the crisis pregnancy center we’re starting.

we met for 3 and a 1/2 hours—our first meeting. And we got a lot done, tasks assigned, fundraising ideas put in place, prayer and worship.

DSCN3922I’m thankful for how God has helped me hear and speak russian so freely. I make tons of grammar mistakes, but they all know what I’m saying 😀

We had a good meeting. Thankful to God.

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a touchy topic

I love women. I love defending women. I love serving them. Being with women during birth is one way I do this. I love being strong for women when they are in a vulnerable time, and pregnancy and childbirth are vulnerable times.

Another way I am with women is by co-facilitating a post-abortion Bible study. It’s emotionally hard, very hard, to do these; we cry buckets of tears.

But the more I do these Bible studies, the more I listen to and cry with these women, re-live their lives and decisions, hurt over those in each woman’s life who abaondoned and rejected when he or she should’ve been faithful and responsible ….

The more I listen and feel and take part in all this, the more I hate abortion.

I want to talk especially about offering abortion where a woman is in debilitating, unfair circumstances–like impregnated by rape, or with a husband who refuses to take responsibility for family planning. The more I come to hate what God hates and love what He loves, the more I am convinced that even in these circumstances–and maybe I would say especially in these circumstances–abortion should not be on the table of options. It is a cruel, demeaning “choice” to give a woman…..

It’s almost inexplicable why that is so.

At the moment of decision, in the pressure of circumstances, it seems “logical.”So very logical.

But is it rather cruelty in the guise of compassion?

I love women. The more I love them, the more I hate this “option.” It’s a destructive option, though we’ve painted it to be a right, a choice, a freedom. It should not be portrayed in those lying terms.

I love women. I hate the contention involved in this topic but I love women enough to open my mouth and say, I do not agree with doing this to you, to me; there are better options for us.

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"Where's the exit?"

This booklet is for women thinking about abortion. I’ve stapled Olya’s business card on there, and I’m giving a stack of them to the head doctor of our women’s prenatal clinic.

I go to this clinic 2ce a month to do a one-hour lecture for expecting women about newborn care and life with small children.  So I’ve gotten to know this doctor a little. He attended church for a while, and he’s told me that he’s stopped writing abortion papers for women asking for them.

So I wanted to put these booklets with Olya’s phone number for consultation there. And he wants to give them out to women who are thinking of aborting.

Pray for opportunities to witness and reach families and women through this.

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pro-life luncheon for pastors’ wives

The Eastern European director for Life International lives in Kiev, and we are friends. She used to be apartment mates with my co-worker Olya. Yesterday, she hosted a luncheon for pastors’ wives in Kiev, to present the need for pro-life ministries here in Ukraine.

A lady who worked in the pro-life ministry for years in America and Belarus spoke to us, and she was excellent. She reminded us to remember this tragedy–if abortions were done out on the street and we saw the dead babies, we would be ready to go to war–but because it happens silently behind closed doors, it’s so easy to forget about. Especially in former-soviet countries . . . it’s just such an expected but taboo-to-talk about thing here.

She challenged us to, at the very least, pray, pray, pray. I was encouraged to renew my prayers.

Olya shared about what we are doing here in Kiev and a lady from our post-abortion Bible studies gave her testimony. It was a special day. We were all invited to attend a 2-day training in May for those interested in starting a pro-life ministry. Perhaps the Lord will use this to get a crisis pregnancy center going here!

Tomorrow, I will be giving our head dr at the prenatal clinic booklets for him to give to women who ask him for abortions (he’s the head OB/GYN and he doesn’t write prescriptions for abortions any more) with Olya’s business card attached (that Vitaliy made for her 🙂 ). Pray for fruit from these!

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