I’ve started preparing the Lord’s supper supplies for our church lately, as we’ve had a bit of a gap in this ministry. It revolved to Vitaliy, and he was gone, so I was making sure it got done.

I actually like doing it. We take Lord’s supper the first Sunday of each month, during the morning service. Our church only has a morning service all together (for the whole week), since we rent the hall in the House of Culture for meetings.

The supplies are kept locked in the somewhat-large safe that in the storage closet the House of Culture supplies our church (for all the AWANA supplies, nursery, etc.)

Anyway, in Ukraine, a cross-stitched cloth is spread out under the bread and juice display. We have two cross-stitched cloths, and I noticed that one was very dirty, a bit stained, and not ironed. So I brought it home.

In my homemaking skills studies this year, I’m doing more with laundry stain remover. (Not all my experimenting has been successful, I will note.)


So I soaked the cloth overnight in cool water with the whites stain remover. I scrubbed the spot with the deep stain. And it all got really clean! and none of the thread colors ran out! So I ironed it, folded it, and stored it in a clean, large, sealable baggy. I think I will keep them both in this baggy, as they were just open in the safe laying there. … Trying to get this ministry’s supplies well organized so that it can be easily passed on soon.

(We also wash and re-use the little communion cups, as we have to order them from the States.)

The cross-stitched words say “do this in remembrance of Me.”




making cinnamon rolls

It’s easy, as a modern mom, to let the time slide by with my kids all parked with various screens. I declared yesterday a no-screen day (until evening). So we had to be busy with things. I will keep it honest, and say it is tempting/irritating doing things with children, but I’ve gotten used to that a lot, and I tried to minimize that feeling, in a good way, and just let it be messier and irritating and be OK with all that. Because, hey! 🙂 It’s a lot more together and interesting, too.

Sally Clarkson’s latest book, The LifeGiving Home, inspired me to make cinnamon rolls, and we had a baby shower here last night, so I made a double batch. It was very yummy all around. Here are some photos.






Vika took a small piece of dough and made a mini-batch.





I let my children play with fire. In  my presence. I figure it lets them experience the fascination in a safe place.



The last, oh about 4-5 years of my parenting have been a time for me to be silent. About parenting, I mean. Although this is a topic I feel compelled to talk about. A topic I love and love to study and contemplate.

Two reasons that I see right now. First, I’ve just had to be living out the beliefs and wisdom God has given me. And you know, parenting questions are matters of conscience and a parent’s personal growth, so partly, I’ve just had to be quiet and live out what I’ve been led to live. To test the fruit that will be borne of these things.

But second, it was a time in our church when certain people were not open to me. I should say, when my husband became the main pastor, the grumps put their crosshairs onto him. And so, personal things we might have shared just had to be put aside for that time of ministry….. I actually never saw an end coming, but … that period of our lives (V as main pastor) is coming to an end now, and so people’s relationships to us in the church are transitioning, and the grumps are somehow also the gateway to a lot of things in our little circle. Or, maybe just God is the gateway. And He used the time of quietness to teach certain things to me and to others. And now it’s transition time.

People are asking and there’s a hesitant openness.

It’s a moment to speak, but also to build trust. And to not be anyone’s expert, but to point people to God, who has all the answers in His Word and the Holy Spirit. But it’s still important to speak at the appropriate moments. … I’m trying to do that. You can pray for me. It’s hard for me … to speak and to remain silent.


mothering groove

I’ve started enjoying mothering so much … that I want more kids …

It’s really becoming a pleasure. It’s hard still, but I have self-control that I didn’t have earlier, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

Like, Vitaliy left Friday on a whirlwind 2-day trip, then left Sunday night for a month-long trip. I had guests, then was alone with the kids. ….

And I’m not falling apart! I’m actually liking it.

Andre, you know, is three. Not just three. But three-and-a-half. And if you’ve read Ames & Ilg’s child development books, you know that  3 and a 1/2 is a challenging period of development. And we have challenges, Andre and I. Like Monday and Tuesday (baby shower in the evening and a bit of no-daddy craziness). But we made it through pretty well…. I made it through. And I’m even flourishing.


I’m not all I want yet–like a can’t get into all the reading aloud I imagine doing– but … it’s SO … FULFILLING! FUN??!!! INTERESTING! CHALLENGING.

Cool. Thank You.

Otherwise entitled: Becoming a non-issue-driven Christ-follower.


I don’t know how it is for everyone, of course, so I’m writing about how God has led me.

Honest moment: It took a long time for Jesus to be enough for me…. Not for salvation– Jesus is the only one and enough. But for Jesus …. to interest me for “the rest of my life.” I mean, I get saved, and I still have years and years to go here on earth.

Looking back, I see now that I needed some “big idea” to add to my Christianity for finding life significance. Like: Jesus is my salvation, plus believing that using birth control is wrong (for life significance).

Or, Jesus is my salvation, plus homeschooling (for life significance).

I kept tacking on things, for significance, for identity. Like clothing styles (skirts, or whatever). Or rules. Or a movement. Or gender roles. Or certain theological beliefs.

I didn’t realize I was doing this, of course. I mean, shucks. Who realizes it? It seems like it’s all about Jesus. OF COURSE. And then something happens, and you realize, it wasn’t really about Jesus. It was a stage of maturing.

When I didn’t understand how Jesus related to my sanctification (my earthly life), He was just relegated to dying on the cross for me. It was a little hard just applying His death to living every day. I mean, yes, I die to myself to live and serve others. That’s every day.

But that’s how I lived: just applying His death to my life. It’s OK. But I didn’t see a lot about applying His life to my daily life. Like this: He was a man. He didn’t have a home–His three years of ministry was traveling, not making a home. He didn’t speak very clearly to people–it’s not surface-easy to grasp His meanings. He didn’t gather any possessions. And He stepped His way deliberately toward dying on a cross at a fairly young age.

It was hard to relate to all that. To understand it and find meaning and purpose in it for every day life.

It was about 2009? that Vitaliy went through a spiritual stage of growth, where he began to understand the meaning of Jesus being our sanctification. And we read together, talked together, and grew together.

And I realized that Jesus, as He walked the earth, lived out, to the four corners, every command of God. He lived out the true meaning and purpose of every one of God’s laws. He lived out, for Anne Sokol, the perfect life of doing and being–heart, spirit, body, mind, strength–the entirety of God’s will.

Suddenly, when I grasped this, Jesus’ life became fascinating. Jesus’ life became more than enough for my life. I started devouring the Gospels in a way I never had before: How did He perfectly fulfill God’s command to do such-and-such? And now, how do I do it, too? “How do I follow Him?” became my consuming question.

And Jesus became enough. Much more than enough. His life became an endless realm of exploration and application for me. He Himself was so interesting. So applicable to my daily life. …. A lot of issues fell away from me, or I should say, they re-prioritized. They had to, if I was to be honest about following Him.

I have more, so much more, to learn. But this was a big step for me.

Thank You, God.

God, My Sanity

In my particular life experience, I have come to thank God for this role He’s played in my life. In very literal senses, He has been my sanity.

It’s been a few years since I’ve felt myself on the edge, and I will say that my brushes with crazy have been relatively brief, but the buildup, of course, the life circumstances, were more extended.

My first summer in Ukraine, I had no home, no place of my own. I remember sleeping nights on the couch in a church office and then living during the day no where in particular. (They had a large church, cafeteria, etc, so there were people to talk with and places to sit, etc.)

And that summer I went to help out at a church camp, and I was sleeping in a huge room with lots of beds and lots of people. And this moment came,

when it all overwhelmed me, all the no-alone-time, nothing is mine, nowhere is mine, this is too much, way too much, weeks of way too much.

And it wasn’t as simple as it sounds now, years later.

This moment came when … I wanted to put myself on that bed, pull the covers over my head, freeze up my body, and never, ever, ever come out of that frozen-up condition.

I wanted to go crazy, to get out of my crazy.

But. At that moment, God was my Sanity.

There were other times in my life after that, too, especially, after we married, with the way we lived in such hard conditions in a place where you don’t expect to live in hard conditions. Months of it. And making small choices to keep myself mentally … OK with my reality. Making sacrifices I didn’t want to make. And small kids added to that. Man.

It’s dark and weird trying to remember those times. At that time, I have thought of my sister, too, and how she lived with 2 small kids building a house in the cold. She probably had her moments of wanting to quit it all….

So, anyway, I don’t know the Hebrew word for “sanity,” but I want to thank God for being my Sanity.

Sausage is a thing here. You know, buterbrod (bread, butter, cheese, sausage– or some combination of that).

So, I mentioned to Vitaliy’s mom that I’d like to try making sausage. There are just a lot of chemicals added to the store sausage. And I knew people here  did magic like this, like making your own sausages.

She wasted no time. She arrived yesterday with washed pig colons (she washed them, Thank her for doing that!) and her manual meat grinder.

I supplied the chicken breast and pig meat. She cut everything into small pieces. At first, I didn’t understand why she did this– I though, shucks, the meat grinder will mix it all up, why are you cutting it? But then I realized that you have to feed already-mixed-up stuff through the grinder right into the colon so it feeds into the colon in mixed up chunks and not huge chunks of chicken, then huge chunks of pig, etc.

So, our recipe was diced chicken, diced pig meat, garlic–pressed, salt and pepper. (I want to experiment with more spices later, but this was a calm recipe suitable for children’s stomachs.)

She set up the grinder on the table. We split the work–one grinds and ties the thread on the ends of the sausages, the other feeds the meat into the grinder and guides the filling of the colon. I said I would grind and tie. But we needed to wait for the KievEnergo guy to come and check out our electricity counter… Then we could get started. It’s a process better not to stop until it’s done.

Here’s how it went:

Putting the colon onto the grinder so the meat could feed through (while gradually pulling the colon off the grinder as it fills).



Woo Hoo!!! Grinding is fun!


Then I pricked holes in the colons (so they wouldn’t puff up and explode while boiling). Then they boiled for an hour.


Then she fried them, then we ATE! We didn’t eat all of them, but I see that they can disappear pretty fast around here. Tastes great!


And there we go!