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“Life for every mother and child.”

That’s our working vision for the mother-baby center right now.

I like it. It’s simple; it’s positive; it’s packed.


Such a powerful word.

Living life. Choosing life. Abundant life. Eternal life.  

Physical life. Spiritual life.

Breath of life, tree of life, all the days of your life, the Book of Life, water of life, the crown of life, from death to life, the Word of life, the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus, the aroma of life leading to life, the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh, he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life, the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, newness of life, we shall be saved by His life, the light of life, I lay down my life, I am the resurection and the life, the Prince of life, he who loses his life for My sake will find it, give His life a ransom for many, in Him was life and the life was the light of men.

He who has the Son has life.


Life for every mother and child.


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big day for me.

10am was mommy group–it was cold and rainy out, so we decided to keep the kids at home and the mommies met at the mall! we had a special speaker some and talk about health.

then i left early at 12pm (they weren’t done yet) to go to a meeting for the mother-baby center. All the project leaders are meeting and presenting their plans for 2010. The church we were at had wi-fi, so i took my laptop and got on Skype so Olya (in PA right now) could be with us and take part. She and I have been working together writing the plans out, so it was good to have her there.

According to the plan, Lord willing, when she returns at the end of the year, we start truckin’ to start a crisis pregnancy center in Kiev; however, it won’t be one center. It will be a hotline, and clients will be sent to a counseling point in their own region with a counselor from that region. (Trying to locate in one place is a huge hamper for getting clients because traveling thru the city is a great hassle.)

Anyway, short story, there is a lot to do. That’s a good thing, and we are happy to do these things 🙂 It’s all about reaching lives with the gospel! Touching eternity  . .  one life at a time!

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Mother-baby center

menLast week and next week, the leaders of Father’s House projects are presenting plans for next year.ladies

Olya and I are the leaders of the mother-baby center, so we are writing our plans for the year 2010.

Some issues have arisen with the location of the center, issues with the government. They hopefully will be decided in a month. But until then, our renovations of the building have stopped. If this building doesn’t work out, we will have to find another location. We are praying about this a lot.

Olya standng in front of the former pioneer camp we've been renovating into the mother-baby center

Olya standng in front of the former pioneer camp we've been renovating into the mother-baby center

Another exciting opportunity is one of Olya’s dreams, to start a crisis pregnancy counseling center/network throughout Kiev. Lord willing, we’ll be able to work on this next year as well.

The idea is to advertise a hotline offering free pregnancy testing and counseling. We would have volunteers and locations to meet throughout the city (so clients don’t have to travel far), and in this way we would be able to personally evangelize and influence abortion-minded girls and women. We are thrilled 😀 We need much prayer. We will see what God will do.

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I’m getting a little tired of celebrations, i will admit because of this:

25-american christmas

30-my birthday–I’m 33 now! and having a totally fab year so far 😀

31-new year’s eve–in ukraine, this is the main celebration, like christmas for americans

7-ukrainian christmas

13?–“old new year” where they say good-bye to last year or something

but we had a great new year’s eve with Vitaliy’s mom, sister-in-law (Sveta), her three boys (Sasha, Bogdan, Daniel), and then Vitaliy’s mom’s second husband and his three sons and two of their current wives/girlfriends. Vitaliy made it a special evening for the boys, giving them cool, boy presents (like roller blades and who would’ve thought dictaphones could bring such joy and interest?). Sveta is the only other believer here.

the group

the group

it’s kind of awkward to know what to talk about because they don’ t have happy marriages to ask about and the one brother who had a child, the baby died. I’m great talking about home birth and our mother-baby center, but i didn’t think these folks would want to hear about that. Vitaliy helped us have a nice conversation about good memories from last year and what we want for the new year.

AWANA is one of our best, most effective evangelistic and discipling minstries. Our AWANA group had a fun meeting for new year

traditionally, kids dress up in costumes for new year

traditionally, kids dress up in costumes for new year



Father’s House, the Christian orphanage under which I am helping start the Mother-Baby Center also had an end-of-the-year program. These are some of the orphans who live there, and they did a Christmas play for us.

Christmas play

Christmas play

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Sunday we had a special 2-hour memorial service for these three ladies who went thru the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study. It was very special, with singing, video, special words, and a poem. Each lady came to the table, put the white roses representing the lives of her children into the basket, and she told us her children’s names and then said a few words.

This table was the centerpiece. The small candles represent their aborted children

This table was the centerpiece. The small candles represent their aborted children, and the large candle represents Christ.

I made a simple cloth leaf and put a pretty ribbon on it to hang it with and gave it to each lady with the reference Revelation 22:2 written on it. The tree of life whose leaves will heal the nations. Amazing leaves!

Lena, our pastor’s wife, attended, and spoke to the ladies about several things, but mostly about forgiveness.  Our pastor also attended; he was very touched and hopes that some ladies from our church can attend the study.

Olya and I are hoping that God will raise up some ladies who can do this regularly here in Kiev. It was a very special time and God blessed and opened and healed in so many ways. In me, too!

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Olya, current candidate for assistant director, a wonderful lady

Pray for us!

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