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Vitaliy and I are attending an Evangelism Explosion-type training in Brovari, a town about 5 minutes outside Kiev. It’s long, long days. We leave at 7am and come back after 10pm. Great training, though. Clear way to start a spiritual conversation and present the gospel.

Saturday all day we have a medical clinic in Agrostansia, a village where our church is doing evangelism. An American med team arrives tomorrow.

Sunday is Vitaliy’s ordination!

Monday, I’m not moving a muscle.




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I love salvation.

I am saved from the condemnation of my own expectations. As a Christian mom, I have, some even rightly, high expectations of myself, my conduct, etc.

And I fail.

And Jesus paid for my sins and invites me into His kingdom life. And I don’t have to earn His favor by being a perfect mom.

It’s impossible.

But He transforms. His salvation and eternal life transforms, saves.


The Mom.

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Yesterday, I met face-to-face this wonderful woman¬†Lydia who is here adopting a Ukrainian special needs child. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo to post yet!

Please check out her site. Her new daughter’s name is Mira (said MEER-ah). And check out these precious babies who NEED YOU.

I picked up a Jacqueline, a Northland college student, from the airport who will be here with Lydia, the adopting mom, while the proces is finishing up and flying home with her because Lydia’s husband had to fly back to start work again. I drove J to about 2 hours to the town where the adoption is taking place.

I love adoption! My motto: Orphans don’t need orphanages–they need families! (then they are not orphans any more!)

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Maybe only an ex-pat 4 year  old with family on the other side of the planet would become interested every day about why the sun leaves and goes to Alyssa (aunt).

I do try to explain this correctly, but it’s complex for a 4yo. Every night when it gets dark and it’s time to go to bed (or at random times during the day), we talk about how the sun goes around to Alyssa. Well, actually, the earth spins around, which is why the sun “moves.” Or something like that.

Skyla is fascinated by this and asks every day about the sun going to Alyssa.

Alyssa, you’re famous. At least to this 4yo.

I’m going to try and find an online video that shows the earth’s rotation around the sun. Maybe that will help.

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cute story for the day

Tonight¬†I was holding Vika’s hand walking from the car to our building, and I have this little thing of squeezing my kid’s hand three times while I say “I (1) love (2) you (3).” We had this conversation in Russian.

Mommy: I love you.

Vika: I love Natasha.

Mommy: (laugh!) Which Natasha? Natasha and Sergei, Natasha and Yura, or Natasha Danya’s mommy?

Vika: Danya’s mommy Natasha.

Guess I’ll have to¬†tell said Natasha about this ūüôā

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Today was a BIG day.

Left at 9:40am. Went downtown and picked up my passport–means my visa is again registered for one year.

Now I have all my documents (is it even possible?) for immigration except that I need to correct the main application. So I came back to our region and went to the Passport Desk Downstairs Lady, and together we fixed my main immigration application. Very easy to do.

It was about 12:15 by then and the 2nd floor office (where they accept all the docs) opened at 3pm. So I went to McDonalds to wait it out. Poor me. Big Mac, cappuchino, and Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiriacy.


The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God

The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God

I’m telling you, this book is changing my life, changing my view of salvation. It is a m.u.s.t. r.e.a.d. The more I read, the more I understand why my mom gave it to me.

Go back to P.D. second floor about 2:10, and I’m glad I got their early. By the time the man opened his door at 3pm, there were already 6 or so people in line. I was number 2.

First thing he says when he sees my stuff–I have the wrong type of folder (buying a folder was on the list of stuff to get). I need a paper-type folder he can sew the docs into.

So out I run up the street and buy the needed folder for 2 grn (app. 25 cents). Back I go. I give him all the stuff. He looks it over.

You have to understand my mental state. To emotionally survive here, one CANNOT get excited and hopeful that one is finally turning in all the needed documents. Rather, one needs to expect that a problem will be found and that there will be yet one more document or signature to get.

What happned? Did I get all the stuff turned in? Am I home free to get my immigration stamp?

Are you waiting with baited breath?

Well, it’s semi-done. Here’s the deal. On the main application, we listed the girls’ addresses as on Zabolotnovo Street, where Vitaliy is registered/propisen. BUT, on the letter from the doctor at the local children’s clinic, she states them as living on Glyshkova, which is the street where we live–these streets are connecting perpendicular to each other, so very close; however . . . .

He notes the discrepancy. He says he cannot accept this statement from the doctor–I think the whole point is that I need some kind of official letter/statement from someone proving that my children live with us here in Ukraine, because they are included in my immigration.

I tell him¬†it is very hard¬†for¬†me to fulfill that one¬†need because¬†my kids are not in the government system here–they don’t go to kindergarten (I¬†could’ve gotten a letter¬†from their kindergarten), nor¬†are they attended¬†by the local children’s clinic. So what to do? . . . .

He¬†took all my stuff and said¬†they will¬†discuss the question at a meeting next¬†Wednesday. I need to call him on Thursday to find out what’s going on.

So there we have it! Pray for Andre Vladimirovich (that¬† means, son of Vladimir), that¬†God will put an easy (for me) answer in his mind, or dismiss the issue. God might have a¬†better plan, but¬†I’m not sure how else to pray right now.

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food here is very seasonal.

repeat that 10 times.

very seasonal.

Zucchini harvest, and we were given 5 zucchini, so i shredded it all one day and just now pulled out my last loaf of zucchini bread.

Tomatoes. Bags of them. Today I peeled and sliced them and made some spaghetti sauce with some and froze the rest.

I learned how to peel tomatoes from this book:

Cooking Basics for Dummies

Cooking Basics for Dummies

I like this book. Cooking is not my hobby, Vitaliy tells me. It’s true. But I do like to learn. So rather than just read recipies, this book teaches me interesting information about cooking and food, so¬†I enjoy learning while cooking.

To peel tomatoes: put the tomatoes in boiling water for 10-30 seconds, then immerse in very cold water, and the skin just kums rite off! Easy peasy. Even for a dumee like mee.

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