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adopting soon

i love hearing Skyla and Vika laughing and playing together. Sometimes they just get to giggling, and it’s just so sweet and funny to listen to!

This is the two of them dancing together like the Prince and Cinderella in the little Cinderella cartoon they love watching! THEY ARE SO CUTE, IT KILLS ME!!!!

I was enjoying this again today, and it’s made me so excited about adding Paul into the mix. I think the three of them will have so much fun together! and then I got to seeing Paul added into all our family times and vacations and ministry trips, and I’m just so excited to be adopting a two-year-old boy!



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Dad of the Year

Make that Dad of the Century!

the summer days are gone, but dad blows up the inflatable pool and swims around with the girls for a while . . .

Luv that man.

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So many things have been happening these last few weeks! wanted to catch you all up on it.

Vitaliy had two evangelism trainings for youth in our church. They covered all the material, memorized, and went out witnessing all in about 4 days. Now about 15 people in the church are trained.

Marika and Egor, two of the first class’s students, went out witnessing today on their own–how encouraging. They were fully able to present the Good News to one person!

Vitaliy is happy about seeing the gospel being “preached” so often; his heart beats with it.

Then, we have been trucking along on Paul’s adoption. I turned in my last paper today and the home visit is planned for tomorrow. After this, I think we are given the “status of adoptive parents” and can start seeing Paul–and I will have pictures! Pray this will continue to move forward quickly. We have some time contraints.

Been teaching a sweet Belgian couple childbirth classes. Sheesh, teaching birth and reading these books makes me want to be pregnant and give birth again, no joke! Remembering the 18 years to follow is a more sobering factor, however 😉

Skyla and Victoria are doing great. They love playing with each other, and they have their fights and meanness, too. I wish I were a “perfect” example for them. I am starting to cringe hearing my tone of voice coming out of Skyla’s mouth. So educational for moi!

Please continue to remember our support raising–I keep forgetting, but this really needs to stay on one of my front burners 🙂 Pray that God will burden the right friends to help us live and work here.

I will try to blog more often now that I have my computer back a little more. The evangelism classes and adoption had me out of the house a lot, and now the girls want to play computer games and watch cartoons all the time 🙂 So . . .

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That means “O.P.P”–it stands for the time we spend out witnessing to people. Today at 4pm, I went out with Egor and later Marika joined us. Many people were too cold and in a hurry, but two ladies listened to the gospel and prayed! How encouraging 🙂

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maybe . . .

it’s a stressful time of life, trying to work hard and fast at adopting Paul. It requires one or more tasks a day right now.

Also, Vitaliy is hosting a 5-day evangelism training in our 2-room apartment, so the girls and I have to find somewhere to be gone to. . . . the mall, errands, Danya’s house (small friend), McDonalds . . .

And Mother’s Hope has moved to another building, so I have a limited time to get a mock-up floor plan laid out, deciding what rooms we need, lay-out, how many girls, etc. . . .

Been way to crabby with the girls these days, so I’m trying to lighten up and not let the stress get to me. Spiritually, that means I’m trying to roll the burdens on the Lord and not carry them on my head so I become task-focused and a total grump. 😀

God’s been leading me to think about our spiritual wealth, like what Paul sometimes mentions in the NT epistles. I used to think our “spiritual riches” were pretty mysterious. But maybe it’s not so. I made a list of my wealth: forgiveness, sanctification, indwelling Spirit, the power of God in me, redemption, the will of God for my life, prayer, . . . and several other amazing things.

For example, I need patience and joy during these days. . . . And I have it! I mean, I have it fully, completely available to me! GOD’s very own patience and joy is mine for the having, and He WANTS me to have it! I am so wealthy!

“We’re RICH, baby!”

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Does this look intimidating?

This is Vitaliy’s medical clearance form for adopting Paul.

I helped him by driving here and there picking up results, etc.

There are signatures from 6 doctors on this form, and the results of 2 tests (other tests were required for the doctors’ signatures).

It’s all great.

Love those stamps, too!

So official.

And now I have to do it, too.


They informed me of this just today.

My prayer? Lord, help me be able to do it faster than Vitaliy!

Maybe it won’t be so, but . . . . maybe it will!

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He sets the prisners free

Vitaliy is working as a trainer this week at an evangelism training seminar, and yesterday he was out with his trainee, and they ended up talking to one particular man.

At first, the man wasn’t very friendly, but Vitaliy has such a skilled and gentle way of being used by the Holy Spirit to help open people’s hearts so they want to hear the gospel, and this man really softened up and listened to the whole gospel presentation. He even prayed to accept God’s gift of eternal life.

(When people pray, we don’t say they repented; it’s still not visible what is happening to them, we just say they prayed a prayer of confession. Anyway . . . )

His trainee listened quietly and prayerfully to all this (as they are taught to do early in the week), but at the end of the entire conversation, he asked the man if he’d ever been in prison.

. . . ? . . . ! . . .

Ends up, he recognized the man because they had been prison mates together.

And the trainee is now a believer, and God is reaching out for the other man, too . . .

Brings tears to my eyes.

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