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I love one-anothering women through this post-abortion Bible study, Forgiven & Set Free.

Olya and I have the joy of hosting our second group of  ladies this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We are busy taking care of details like where we’ll stay, food, and materials. But really, God is doing it all.

And we truly need your prayers. These ladies need your prayers. There are major issues going on in their lives currently and in the past. Abortion is just a few drops in their cups. But pray that God will work in their lives mightily.

For three days, we will all be sequestered away for lessons, Bible study, and discussions on topics like: why is healing necessary, the character of God, feeling relief and guilt denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, forgiven and set free, and letting your child go.

The participants do lots of Bible study and journaling answers to questions on each topic; they also do things like filling out a “responsibility pie,” naming their children, and identifying people they are not yet able to forgive.

It will be an intense three days. Please pray for the fullness of the Spirit’s work in their hearts, in our hearts. Pray that, as we focus on past abortions, other areas in their lives will also come into the light and start being resolved Biblically.

Thank you 🙂


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my new rolling pin

I bought a Ukrainian rolling pin the other day. I saw my village friend using one and just loved how deft it looked in her hands; it was beautiful. So I bought one.

I didn’t have an American rolling pin, I’d just been using a plastic cup.

Apples are in season, so I wanted to make an apple pie, so I got the rolling pin to roll out the crust.

We’ve also been using it with our homemade play-doh–the girls love activity, and so do I! We also use out seldom-used cookie cutters with the play-doh, so that’s great.

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I put some photos on FB, if you’d like to see: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31619707&id=1214398230#!/album.php?aid=2074333&id=1214398230

We were providentially guided to this apartment. We weren’t even looking to rent an apartment; we wanted to rent a house so the girls would have a place to play. After looking at one house nearby, the agent said he knew of a great apartment to rent for $500 in this village where our church meets–it’s right on the edge of Kiev beside the region where the church started.

We thought, might as well look, but we want a house.

A few weeks go by, our needs and goals for this time clarify, and we see that this place is ideal for ministry. So, here we are! I never expected to live in such a nice place, so I’m really thankful that we have room to have overnight guests and lots of company!

It has basic furniture, but I’d like to add bookshelves, desks, ets.

Thank You, Lord!!!!

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We’re officially renters of another apartment. It’s a spacious, newly-renovated 3-room apartment in the village on the side of Kiev where our church is currently renting. It’s nice to have a more permanent home now after 5 weeks of traveling hither and yon. And we’re interested in the ministry opportunities waiting us in this place. (More on that later.)

Thank  you, Lord!

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Tulipgirl.com is having her annual parenting/ezzo-philosophy week. She and several of her commenters have insight into parenting issues that many of us don’t stop to consider before it’s too late.

She has a sensitive, respectful style, too. It’s worth staying tuned there this week!

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I recently had an insight about the words of God. I just got to thinking about this idea of the words of God having power, like this:

For the word of God is living and powerful . . . Heb. 4:12

I have always just assumed that once God speaks, His words somehow become a separate, living entity that somehow has power, like a person.

But then I started thinking, what about people’s words? Do they have some type of  power, too?

And I realized this: That words have power because of the person speaking them. The power (or lack thereof) of the person speaking determines the power or efficacy of the words. If I say, “Let it rain,” those are powerless words because I personally have no power to control the weather. There are certain situations where I have some amount of control and then my words have some power because I can control the outcome to match what I have said.

So applying this to God’s words, His words have power because of who God Himself is, not because they become some separate, living entity. God’s words have power because God Himself has all power to fulfill what He’s said. His constant follow-through and involvement in His words as a person is what makes the words “living and powerful.”

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