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a new awareness

It’s been interesting and sweet seeing my almost 10yo daughter’s awareness developing. She’s becoming aware of others’ perspectives, like mine.

We had this conversation the other day:

S: Mom, you know how you take care of us and do all this stuff for us … well, what do you get from it?

Me: (Thank you, Sally Clarkson, for the answer.) Well, God says that you are my future and my reward, so when I die and leave the earth, you will be left behind me to do God’s work here in my place. That’s what I get.

S: Oh. (and may she ponder that deep in her heart!)

A few days ago, we were walking back with another family from a church activity, and she and sister asked if the little boy, their friend, could come play at our house until his dad could come get him in the evening. So I agreed to this. Later, when we were at home, she comes to me and says:

S: Mom, when you said that B could come play, did you really want him to come play?

Me: I was thinking to go out and drink coffee and stuff, but with B here, daddy or I need to be here.

S: Oh, sorry.

Me: It’s fine. I’m glad B could come play.

And we all went outside, with daddy, we had coffee, the kids all played, it was great.

Anyway, sweet to see a girl growing up.


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Sometime around 2012, God was impressing me that I need to develop my prayer time with Him. So I was open to various ways He might lead me into that, and one thing that I found (that has really helped) is this prayer journal.

This is my third journal. I’ve done, re-done, tried various things, and this is the current version.

Found this hardcover notebook with 5 sections of colored pages. It’s A4 size (that’s close to 8.5 x 11).


Used this fabric that I love and some tacky glue I had on hand. Skyla held Una while I ironed, cut, measured, etc.



Here’s the current finished version. I might add a verse to the front.


I’ll post about the inside sometime soon, maybe…

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books, ever’where

I was straightening the kitchen, and … just all the books, open, laying around the table was starting to really annoy me. Then I thought, well, how wonderful, that they are readingreadingreading, so I’ll just be thrilled about that. And then I saw …

IMG_6206 IMG_6207  IMG_6209

one of my own books, laying open on the counter, and I thought, well, hey, surprise, surprise 🙂


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I had a nice time fixing breakfast today. The girls read their books, the littles played on the floor. Andre also helped me some by plopping the сырники into the frying pan.

IMG_6186 IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6190

I’m trying to keep my windowsill stocked with fresh flowers this season– they are so lovely, and their short, beautiful lives remind me that my life is short and may it be beautiful. It’s good for the soul to accept God’s truths about life. Earlier, I wouldn’t have  wanted to really think about my life being so vaporous, but now … it’s humbling and healthy. Sweet to the soul.

IMG_6191 IMG_6192

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Skyla and Vika are my right and left hands. It is no literary expression, ha, ha. Raising a three year old with 6 hands/arms doing the work is like, wow. My legs don’t have to run anywhere either.

I like it.

Also wanted to say, Andre is an awesome biker!

IMG_6163  IMG_6165 IMG_6166 IMG_6170 IMG_6173 IMG_6175 IMG_6180 IMG_6181 IMG_6184

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with Vika

We have this little Polly Pocket book that has little recipes in it, and Vika’s been wanting to make the milkshake in there, so I bought milk, ice cream, and banana. We did it together:



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Vitaliy’s birthday was last Wednesday. We were out in our village house/rehab center. I picked up some soda and sausage/hot doggie type things to fry. So they cooked them over the fire.


Igor heated the pech (clay/brick fire stove) in the summer kitchen and made a huge pot of zharkoye (mostly potato, with some meat and carrots and onions).

IMG_6036 IMG_6037

Here’s the feast:


Then at church today they surprised him 🙂 In the middle of the service, there is участие –like literally “taking part”– so if someone wants to say a poem or sing a song or share a praise, they can do that.

So he asked if there was any “taking part”, and suddenly, a youth guy stood right up and said, “I do!” and two others stood up and said “we do!” And then everyone stood up and sang happy birthday to him.

Then they gave him presents. A book, a box of chocolates (they read my mind! for me!), and a huge bread loaf made into a sausage sandwich (they read a guy’s mind!) And one said a poem, and they sang one of his favorite songs.

giving the huge sandwich

giving the huge sandwich

we also had Lord's Supper today

we also had Lord’s Supper today

saying a poem

saying a poem

today, we also, incidentally, had a “представление”—  a presentation of a couple announcing their engagement. (Vitaliy’s doing the premarital counseling, so I knew about this in advance–usually it’s a surprise for me, too!)

IMG_6082 IMG_6084IMG_6080

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