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Love this article by Gloria Lemay.

We would return to a time when practitioners used to say such expressions as:

“Every birth is different, every woman is different and every baby is different.”
“Don’t let the sun set twice on a woman who is in active labor (past 4 centimeters dilation).”
“Don’t practice “meddlesome midwifery”.”
“A good obstetrician does not pick unripe fruit.”
“A good practitioner has two good hands and knows how to sit on them.”

These are all things I heard when I first started attending births 30 years ago and, now, I never hear them.


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Great article by Gloria Lemay, one that I can say is true from experience!

I really relate to this one part:

For anyone who has taken workshops with Dr. Michel Odent, you will have heard him repeat over and over, “Zee most important thing is do not disturb zee birthing woman.” We think we know what this means. The more births I attend, the more I realize how much I disturb the birthing woman. [emphasis mine]

I’m guilty! It’s subtle, but it happens! I’m learning! I guess I feel like I always have to be doing something. Sometimes silence and stillness are better.

And hospital births are extremely “disturbing.” I find my role being supporting mom’s feeling of normalcy while she’s being “disturbed.”

Wonderful article to pay attention to!

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post-abortion Bible study

“Forgiven and Set Free: Bible words for those searching for help after an abortion.”

We leave tomorrow for a 4-day retreat. Olya and I will be facilitating this study for ladies who’ve had abortions earlier in their lives.

This time, I’ve been impressed by how we imagine God in our (sinful) image–it’s hard for us to forgive, so it must be hard for Him to forgive me; I’m unfaithful in my relationships, so is He not unfaithful to me? Kings and presidents punish subjects with evil, harmful intentions, so doesn’t God punish us that way too?

We will be looking at our absolutely unique God through His Word.

Pray for us!

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What really is my job as a midwife?

I asked some of my quetsions about this topic earlier, and God is still giving me answers.

One beautiful description came on a conference call with midwife Gail Hart. She started to describe the essential needs of mothers and babies at the moment of birth–of safety and love–and she came around to saying that this is her main purpose as a midwife, to guard/give that special time to mothers and babies after birth–very, very few to no interventions (no bulb suctioning, no separation, skin to skin, no blankets between skin, no hat needed on baby’s head, no rubbing or stimulation as the baby takes a few moments to transition into ex-utero life, no cord cutting. . . . . Just mom and baby, skin-to-skin, heart beat to heart beat, mom’s voice, mom’s love.

That’s what a truly great midwife facilitates.

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Skyla especially is a very inventive play-er. She’s just creative in her own right.

Toys are mostly a waste of money.

Today, she made this little desk, I guess of things to give away or sell.

I was asked to choose an item, which I did. Here’s a closer look:

So, what would you pick?

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advent calendar

I’ve had this clothe, hangable advent calendar for years, and this year we’re actually using it. Vitaliy is making the effort to fill the pockets.

One day it was a box of Tic Tacs, another day . . . well, I don’t remember. I did eat the little snack crackers that were supposed to go in there, and I’m thinking of scarfing the chocolate snacks, too, and we can just buy more. . . . anyway . . .

Today they got a bouncy ball and a yellow balloon.

Vika’s holding the advent calendar; Skyla’s holding the balloon.

Sadly, the balloon popped shortly after this photo session, but I happen to know that Santa has a few more balloons in those pockets . . . .

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Vitaliy’s growing a garden in containers on the balcony. It’s produced a lot of great things, like green onions for salads. He’s mostly doing some light hydroponic gardening.

Here he is with the sorrel he grew.

He cut it to put it into the crock pot of borshch he had going, so we have been eating yummy green borshch today.

The meat he used was the legs of a chicken his mom killed and gave us. . . . I don’t like talking about it, but he actually put the claws/feet in there without my knowledge. I actually dished one out into my bowl.

I did not eat it. I donated it to him because he likes them.

He actually was teasing me about “chicken paws” in bed tonight. He says I’ll have nightmares.

It might be true.

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