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"Where's the exit?"

This booklet is for women thinking about abortion. I’ve stapled Olya’s business card on there, and I’m giving a stack of them to the head doctor of our women’s prenatal clinic.

I go to this clinic 2ce a month to do a one-hour lecture for expecting women about newborn care and life with small children.  So I’ve gotten to know this doctor a little. He attended church for a while, and he’s told me that he’s stopped writing abortion papers for women asking for them.

So I wanted to put these booklets with Olya’s phone number for consultation there. And he wants to give them out to women who are thinking of aborting.

Pray for opportunities to witness and reach families and women through this.


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pro-life luncheon for pastors’ wives

The Eastern European director for Life International lives in Kiev, and we are friends. She used to be apartment mates with my co-worker Olya. Yesterday, she hosted a luncheon for pastors’ wives in Kiev, to present the need for pro-life ministries here in Ukraine.

A lady who worked in the pro-life ministry for years in America and Belarus spoke to us, and she was excellent. She reminded us to remember this tragedy–if abortions were done out on the street and we saw the dead babies, we would be ready to go to war–but because it happens silently behind closed doors, it’s so easy to forget about. Especially in former-soviet countries . . . it’s just such an expected but taboo-to-talk about thing here.

She challenged us to, at the very least, pray, pray, pray. I was encouraged to renew my prayers.

Olya shared about what we are doing here in Kiev and a lady from our post-abortion Bible studies gave her testimony. It was a special day. We were all invited to attend a 2-day training in May for those interested in starting a pro-life ministry. Perhaps the Lord will use this to get a crisis pregnancy center going here!

Tomorrow, I will be giving our head dr at the prenatal clinic booklets for him to give to women who ask him for abortions (he’s the head OB/GYN and he doesn’t write prescriptions for abortions any more) with Olya’s business card attached (that Vitaliy made for her 🙂 ). Pray for fruit from these!

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Vitaliy brought some fresh stinging nettles back from our village house, and we made nettles soup, and nettles tea.

When we cook together, I do all the grunt work like peel and slice potatoes, start the water and bones boiling, cutting onions, grating carrots, and he does the finesse work that makes it all taste good, like adding the beaten eggs and the nettles.

He met a porcupine hedgehog on the road while he was driving, so he brought him home–this is our second pet porcupine in our family history . . .

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Please be so, so careful when you read any book that strongly promotes spanking as a main method of parental control.

This is an excellent broadcast about Mike and Debi Pearl’s book, To Train Up a Child. Please listen to it! Another child is in the hospital because the parents were using Pearl’s teachings.

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