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So, I was all gung-ho about losing some weight and getting into shape before my 40th birthday. I was doing T-Tapp, and I lost like 20 lbs and some inches.

Then mid-January happened. Lots of travel, then moving to Kiev. Then I was so happy and enjoying other things of life, that I didn’t want to think about getting in shape any more.

So I became open to several ideas: dropping the goal, changing the goal, re-motivating myself …

And I’ve settled on changing my strategy. I dislike repetition and doing the same thing over and over, so how can I move things around to reshuffle and re-interest myself?

After some ponderations, I’ve settled on dropping T-Tapping, and going to calorie counting/food journaling and walking. I like calorie counting/food journaling on myfitnesspal, and the weather and four kids gets me outside for walking.

Another reason I’m changing my strategy, that I haven’t wanted to even think about or deal with emotionally, is that I had some pelvic organ prolapse, and the T-Tapp posture really aggravates that.  So … I had to pause and reconsider what to do, and after watching wholewoman (Christine Kent)’s video about all this, I think walking is good for me right now. And the four kids getting outside is good, too. Yesterday I walked 30 minutes in only 53 minutes! (ha ha, having to stop and answer questions, changes roller blades out for tennis shoes, help Andre on his little bike, give out drinks from the water bottle, and answer multitudinous questions … )

One thing I know that sabotages my calorie counting/food journaling, is that I tend to restrict myself too much too easily, and then I lose my breastmilk supply, freak out, give up on it all, and go back to eating–I’ve actually done this a few times, so I am aware of it now. So, I need to have a plan ready for that, to eat enough to breastfeed (most diet things don’t even consider this), but still lose weight.

So, 8 months to go and I’d like to lose another 30-35 lbs. We’ll see.


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It’s nice to look forward a new year, anticipate changes, improvements, remind oneself that struggles and sadness will also come, too.

I’ve been thinking about the process of making goals. I usually make a list of self-improvement projects. But really, I’ve come to see that for me, setting/achieving a goal requires that I align my life to that end. Like rearranging my house furniture so that change becomes implement-able. So I’m limiting my list and looking at necessary specifics in this way now.

I’m also not driven by the 1-year thing. Changes come and go. Some I ‘try on’ and it’s not time or doesn’t fit at all to my life. Some changes come in June or October and not on January 1. Great! God’s mercies are new every morning, not just every year, and aren’t we all glad about that.

So my trial changes/goals for 2015:

1. In my Bible reading, which is only a part of my relationship with God, I want to stay in the Psalms for a while this year. I also want to make it easier for me to reach out and read my Bible and be more consistent in reading daily. My current Bible is over 20 yrs old, in a case with lots of papers and pens, so it’s hard to just open. And I’m going to give up my sit-down-and-read/study for a while. I’m breastfeeding and co-sleeping, and I need to be able to stay in bed in early morning hours to serve my littlest kids in that way. Or take and read while doing any feeding.

So, to implement this change, I’m taking my current Bible out of my book bag and putting it beside my bed. I started my day by reading 5 psalms simply by doing this! I also didn’t turn on my tiny computer right away either. And I may need to get a less-bright bulb in my bedside lamp. I also have two Bibles coming to me from across the sea, so that I can keep one by my bed (and retire this older Bible) and one in the kitchen. Maybe find one for my purse. Just to pick up and read, and not feel the dire necessity of constantly journaling while Bible reading.

For prayer and memorization/meditation, I have some things going from last year, but I’m still thinking about how to re-see and re-do these areas if needed. I may make a new prayer notebook. Though I’ve been experimenting with hanging lists in the kitchen. The best this so far is just the Holy Spirit reminding me to pray for this person and that during the day.

I’m also asking God for the realization of His will for my year.

2. Homeschooling. My goal is to keep chugging along. (I have dreams of waking at 6am so I get up before the girls and have breakfast on the table and start our days that way, but it’s not going to happen for another 1-3 years, even longer if we have more babies.) Furniture adjustment: I’m going to buy the two folding tables we’ve been talking about for months, so we have more area to work.

I want the girls to master all the math facts this year and typing so we can transition more in to free writing and writing assignments.

I wrote out a general schedule for accomplishing the subjects we need to do together (history, character, reading aloud, music). Other subjects, the girls handle themselves without me (grammar, spelling, math, reading alone), and they are good about being consistent with few reminders. It’s when the three of us need to do a subject together that I usually become slowed-down or derail, so … I’m just working to keep schooling as my main energy output each day. That is most important here.

Considering banning movies for a year. Not sure about that. Oh, generally, I also want to encourage curiosity and the discipline of learning.

3. Church–I’m participating in the birthday ministry currently. Working to pray a lot for people in our church. And we’re involved in Harmony, the single’s ministry. We may try to move to Kiev so we can be more involved in church activities. That will be a big change. I have some ideas I’m sitting on for children’s ministry and moms group. I want to continue expressing love and encouragement through writing people (church is pretty active on vkontakte–like facebook–and I do a lot more “fellowship” there with people and it’s been great). Looking to develop closer relationships, but that is still at the spontaneous and prayer levels.

4. Midwifery studies. I need to make lifestyle changes here, too. So that access to my studies is simpler. I have a book I’m reading, for example, for an assignment, and I need to just have it easier to pull out and read and take notes. I want to use the folding tables for this too–so I can just sit down and study for a few minutes rather than having to go through a lot of effort to study. My goal is either to attend an Intensity week or to accomplish one submission this year.

5. Personal. I ‘m continuing on in focusing on weight loss. Since I’ve started in Oct, I’ve lost 15lbs and 48cm. Amazingly, I fell off exercising the last 2-3 weeks, but I haven’t gained any weight back, considering that I’ve been eating chocolate as though there were no tomorrow. I exercised again today, and my goal is 5 times a week (15 min), body brushing, taking alfalfa, drinking 3 liters of water/day, and I’m going to go back to not eating after 7pm, and see if this will be enough to induce faster loss. I don’t like dietary limitations as I feel like I don’t have many food options in my life as it is.

My next goal is to fit into this size-10 skirt for Valentine’s Day. I think I got this skirt some time between Vika (7yo) and Andre (2yo). I feel like I’m at a mental barrier in losing weight because I’ve reached my pre-4th-pregnancy weight, and I’m not seeing myself as thinner. It’s weird. I’m trying not to think a lot about this, but if it sticks around, I may do something strict for a week or two to get myself past this.



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homemade toothpaste

So I’m trying this because I’ve been using just baking soda the last few weeks. And I have some quality essentials oils around now. So this small jar is coconut oil, baking soda, stevia, and peppermint essential oil.


Edited to add: Don’t know why these essential oils are inspiring me today exactly, as I’ve had them for weeks. But I also made natural deodorant, which I am loving, and added lemon to my baking soda-water shampoo gig, and lavender to my apple cider vinegar rinse.

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